30 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Wreck It Ralph

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30 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Wreck It Ralph

Wreck It Ralph and Wreck it Ralph 2, also known as Ralph Breaks the Internet, are two of the most popular Disney animation movies out. The Wreck in Ralph franchise offers more than just entertainment as it also has numerous lessons to teach, including marketing lessons, and with the help of the marketing experts over at runrex.com, this article will look to highlight 30 marketing lessons we can learn from Wreck it Ralph.

The importance of remarketing

In Wreck it Ralph 2, Eboy helps Ralph remember how much time he had left, and this can be juxtaposed with remarketing, where you may need to remind some of your customers about the items they have placed on their cart or have been eyeing for a while and are indecisive about buying, through remarketing, as discussed over at runrex.com.

The importance of user experience

One of the main marketing lessons we can learn from Wreck It Ralph is the importance of user experience, evidenced by the fact that Vanellope and Ralph never have any issues navigating through eBay. This is how your site should be like; easy to navigate.

Keep it simple when it comes to user experience

The main reason why Vanellope and Ralph have no issues navigating through eBay is that everything has been kept nice and simple, hence easy to understand. They easily saw the categories and immediately knew where they could find the steering wheel they were looking for while also easily understanding the bidding system. You should also keep it simple when it comes to UX, as per the gurus over at runrex.com, so that your users can find what they want easily.

Choose your target easily

Spamley’s main problem is that he was showing his ad to anyone he could find, and he wasn’t targeting the right audience for him. He should have targeted people like Ralph and Vanellope who were interested in what he had to offer. The marketing lesson we can learn here is the importance of targeted marketing, and making sure you are not wasting resources by marketing to people who may not be interested in your ad. Make sure you are targeting the right audience.

Avoid spam

On a related note, we also learn from Spamley how damaging spam can be to one’s marketing campaigns as all it does is put off people. As per the gurus over at runrex.com, you should make sure your ads are not viewed as spam.

The power of reviews

In Wreck It Ralph 2, when Ralph couldn’t pay for the steering wheel, he became angry and started shouting randomly about how awful eBay was. This just shows how one user’s bad experience can damage your brand’s image. This is an important lesson worth learning from Wreck It Ralph.

Take good care of your users

To counter the above point, another marketing lesson we learn from Wreck It Ralph is the importance of always listening to your users and their complaints so that you can make improvements to improve their user experience. According to the folks over at runrex.com, this will determine not only if they come back, but if they will recommend your product or service to another person.

Make online and offline marketing work together

While Litwak’s Family Fun Center moved to introduce Wi-Fi, it did not scrap the arcade games, and this shows that you shouldn’t replace offline marketing with online marketing, but should have them work together to get better results.

It is important to keep up with the times

Another marketing lesson we can learn from Litwak’s Family Fun Center’s move to introduce Wi-Fi is the importance of keeping up with the times. If there is a trend or technology that is sweeping the industry, then you must get with the times and get on it so that you don’t get left behind.

The power of viral marketing

When Ralph started BuzzTube in Wreck It Ralph 2 to get the money to buy the steering wheel, he realized that he needed to become viral so that he can start making serious money. He achieved this through both ads and word of mouth, both online and offline as discussed above. The marketing lesson we can learn here is the power of viral marketing and how it can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Embrace new technology

Even though the internet is new for Ralph and Vanellope, they are not afraid to explore and learn more about it. The marketing lesson we can learn from this is to always embrace new technology, something the marketing gurus over at runrex.com agree with.

The power of social media

Ralph also learns about the power of social media in helping businesses create a brand that connects with users, which shows the power of social media; a powerful marketing lesson worth learning from Wreck It Ralph.

Have a goal you are working towards

In both Wreck It Ralph movies, Ralph has a goal he is working towards; for example, in the second installment, he is working to get the money to buy the steering wheel. The marketing lesson we can learn here is the importance of having marketing goals as they give you something to aim for, as discussed over at runrex.com.

Follow up your viral campaign with a strong campaign

As mentioned earlier on, Ralph’s viral campaign is extremely popular and is effective in helping him achieve what he set out to achieve. However, the marketing lesson we can add to this is that viral is short-lived and while it can be a good start, it is still important to follow up with a strong campaign since you can’t build a brand with one idea, no matter how strong.

The power of co-branding

In Wreck It Ralph, major brands such as Google, Pinterest, eBay among others feature prominently, as discussed over at runrex.com. All these brands are co-branded with the Disney feature and show the power of co-branding, an important marketing lesson worth learning.

The benefit of strategic partnerships

In Wreck It Ralph 2, Ralph enters into a strategic partnership with BuzzTube, as already mentioned, which helps him achieve his goal of buying the steering wheel. This shows the benefits that are there to be had when you get into a well-matched strategic partnership.

Bring in expert help if you need it

On a related note, BuzzTube’s trendsetter-in-chief, Yesss, has tremendous knowledge as a walking algorithm, and he adds so much value to Ralph’s campaign. The marketing lesson we can take here is the importance of bringing in expert help when needed, including bringing in the experts over at runrex.com.

Diversity when reaching out to your audience

Wreck It Ralph has got a rich and diverse group of characters and personalities, which adds to the animation, and teaches us that, when targeting your audience, try to cast your net as wide as possible and don’t just restrict yourself to one demographic if you can help it.

Have something for everyone

On a related note, the diverse group of characters, each with different personalities, means that there is something for everyone in Wreck It Ralph, and everyone can find a character they can relate to. This is an important marketing lesson, particularly in content marketing, where you have to ensure that you provide diversity when it comes to your content so that there is something for everyone visiting your site.

The benefit of building a diverse team

Given how the diversity in the characters in Wreck It Ralph adds to the richness of the animation, yet another marketing lesson we can learn here is how beneficial it may be for you if you can build a marketing team comprising of a diverse group of thinkers. This will give you a broad spectrum of ideas and solutions making it more likely for your campaigns to succeed.

Put the needs of your customers first

Ralph, initially, is having a hard time letting Vanellope follow her dream, but he eventually realizes that it is not about him, as covered over at runrex.com. The marketing lesson we can learn here is that we should always put the needs of our customers ahead of everything else. The best marketing campaigns are those that put the customer first.

Don’t get stuck in a rut and in an old way of thinking

Ralph is unable to reconcile with the idea that Vanellope has her dream, and he wants things to be like they’ve always been, but he eventually comes around. When it comes to marketing, it is important that you don’t get stuck in a rut and stuck in your ways, as what may have worked before, may not work in the present or future.

The best strategic partnerships are those that are mutually beneficial

When Ralph partners with BuzzTube, as discussed over at runrex.com, both him and BuzzTube benefit in the end. The marketing lesson we can take here is that the best strategic partnerships are the ones where both parties benefit, rather than only one benefiting, as both brands can add value to each other.

Put yourself in a position to spot and capitalize on trends

Like Ralph, you should learn to spot and capitalize on the latest trends if you are to be successful with your marketing campaigns. The marketing sector is always in flux, and there are always new trends. The most successful brands are those that spot these trends early enough and capitalize.

There is no magic to marketing and only hard work will get you success

The algorithm, Yesss, made Ralph realize that there is no magic button one can press to make them rank as number 1, but there are steps he can take to reach the top spot. The marketing lesson we can learn here is that there is no magic when it comes to marketing. As per the gurus over at runrex.com, success will be as a result of hard work.

Having great content is key

Ralph also learned that to be successful and to outrank the bigger brands, he will have to generate better content, a marketing lesson that we too should learn. Having better content than your competitors is what will give you better results than them.

The power of nostalgia

Ralph can make such an impact as people are intrigued and blown away that a character from the ’80s has been able to make a comeback. This is a marketing tip that has been used by many brands out there, with an example being Pokémon Go leveraging the power of nostalgia towards the Pokémon TV show, as discussed over at runrex.com. This is yet another marketing lesson worth learning.

Pop-ups can be useful

Ralph’s use of the pop-ups to go viral shows that pop-ups, when used properly, can benefit your marketing efforts as they will help increase conversion rates. They are an underrated, but very effective tool in marketing.

Add context to your popups

In Wreck It Ralph 2, Ralph adds context to his pop-ups through what he surrounds his message with, and this gives additional meaning and understanding to his message. This is an important marketing lesson to learn as it shows that, if your use of pop-ups is to be successful, you will need to add context to your messages, with the experts over at runrex.com pointing this fact out.

The importance of reputation

Initially, at the beginning of the first movie, Ralph is hated, but he goes on a journey to change how people view him and ends up learning powerful lessons along the way. In marketing, reputation is everything, as if people don’t like you, your marketing efforts will be futile. Always make sure you have a good reputation, and work with PR to change this if it is not the case, and your marketing efforts will bear fruit.

The above are just some of the marketing lessons we can learn from the two Wreck It Ralph movies, with more on this to be found over at runrex.com.