30,000 TTH Points



I set a goal of 30, 000 points as a 2015 New Years Resolution… it may have been less… but I increased it to that amount afterwards.  In truth, I set a bunch of goals.  Most I’m fairly certain I’ve received.  Others I’m progressing in.  Of all of them the 30, 000 was the most important.  Learning development is essential to furthering my career.  30K is not a bad start.  I’m pretty proud I kept grinding away.  I’m uber excited for the next 30K since it will be ios/android/web design/python.  I intend to take the entire course load which is ambitious but wow… I can already sense the feeling of accomplishment.  Plus… at that point I would be completely full stack in development… pretty insane.

There’s always more to do and learn.  But for today I’m pretty content with the progress.  I do need to learn sales… quickly.  I have to develop the same appetite for learning that… like I have for development.

As for tomorrow.  I’m excited.  I get to open lots of new things… haha.


Learning coding is a lot of fun.  It’s like a Pokemon game.  It especially reminds me of the puzzles in Pokemon Gold or the newer redo Pokemon Heart Gold.  You have to do things in a certain order… and then press the buttons to see if it works.  A lot of fun.  I’m sort of putting myself in the mood to play the game now.

Other than the 30K which is pretty nice, today has been a lot of unexpected things.  Unexpected in they mess with my Saturday schedule.  Mostly in bad ways.  I’m really a creature of habit… so anything that messes with what I expect to do when… makes me confused.  And even worst distracted.  Assuming I stay away from these distractions tomorrow… I’ll be fine.

Tomorrow I get to open things on someone else’s dime… haha…  Awesome.  I’m also hoping to get all my videos done tonight.  Fingers crossed.  These random errands have messed up my schedule entirely.. which I guess isn’t a bad thing.  It makes me value my weekend time much more than normal.