32 Tips to Make Better use of Adwords and Improve the Quality Score


32 Tips to Make Better use of Adwords and Improve the Quality Score 

A very popular question that most novice internet marketers keep asking is how does one improve the Adwords quality score? All systems may seem to be set, the campaigns maybe organized, Ad groups are well focussed on, all the keywords look relevant but in one way or the other their quality score is still wanting. So, what normally is the problem? Here are 33 tips to make better use of Adwords and improve the quality score on Adwords;

1. Organize the ad groups in a systematic manner-Organizing the ad groups systematically can improve your score and bring the best out of Adwords.

2. Short list keywords in multiple groups-The trick that seems to always work, is to have lots of ad groups and include short lists of keywords. This offers flexibility and organization in the campaigns.

3. Get rid of the keywords with low quality- Delete keywords with a quality score of 1 0r 2. Individual keyword quality scores affect the overall quality score of the Adwords.

4. Focus on the keywords with a decent quality score- To maintain a good score in Adwords, always focus on the keywords that have a decent quality score and avoid those that have a lower score. Consider deleting those that have a lower score.

5. Momentarily pause some keywords- Some keywords do well in some seasons- like festive seasons. Identify these keywords and momentarily pause them. Fix and optimize them during their high season and they will improve your score.

6. Consider setting up a branding campaigns- a branding campaign yields in keywords with very high Click through rates and low CPCs. This means that the campaign will result in amazing quality scores.

7. Ad positions- always optimize the position of your ads. Highly ranking ads have a better CTR and therefore result in a better quality score.

8. Optimize your web for all devices- Unlike in the past when mobile devices were not taken into consideration per se, Adwords takes into accounts every device when awarding the quality score. Optimize your services to be accessed by all the devices.

9. Responsive web designs- design a responsive web landing page. This means a better user experience and improved quality score when the customers get what they are looking for.

10. Mobile apps are a good idea- For better service delivery, consider getting a mobile application. Applications help optimize the use of keywords for mobile devices; People will only download the application if it has what they are looking for.

11. Design better landing pages- When people click on your links on social media sites or get to your site through backlinks, you need to give them a good welcome through landing pages. Design pages that will entice people to click on the services. When they stick around and employ your services, your quality score will improve.

12. Geo-location- How well your ads perform in a specific location will contribute to the overall score of your Adwords campaigns. Make sure you are successful in areas where your services are located.

13. Isolate high performance areas- Are you getting more visitors in Katy? How about optimizing content to target the locals of Katy more? This will mean you get more conversions and improve your quality score.

14. Step up campaigns in low performing areas-Let’s say you are targeting the whole of Houston but you discover that there are areas of Houston that are yielding in minimal sales, what do you do? Step up your campaigns in these areas by using names of the localities in coming up of the ads.

15. Relevancy of content- Always make sure the content posted on your website from the home page to the blog, is relevant to the product you are selling. When users visit your site, they will only stick around if they can relate to the content that they see.

16. More content in landing pages- Most people normally have a form and a few lines of welcoming texts in their landing pages. This is a mistake. Include three to four paragraphs in your landing pages to entice your clients when they visit the landing pages.

17. Reduce the bounce rate of your site- Anything above 60% in terms of bounce rates should worry you. How do you reduce this rate? Quality content, enticing articles and user engagements.

18. Increase the time users spend in your page- look at some of the factors that may be making people spend just few seconds on your page and leave. The more time people spend on your page, the higher your score in the end.

19. Number of pages visited- The number of pages people visit on your website, will determine your Adwords quality score in the end. If you realize that people only visit a few of your pages, then you need to create more interesting content to make people to visit more pages.

20. Isolate the problem bringing your quality score down- Pin pointing what the problem is, will help you solve the problem easily and quickly. Start diagnostics to identify what exactly it is that is bringing down your score.

21. Creative ads – write more creative and interesting ads but don’t overdo it. Here is why; you want ads that will not just impress the users but will help you score well in Adwords. Too much creative means that you might end up omitting the key things that will improve your score. Be relevant to Google as well.

23. Relevant keywords-put relevant keywords in the title, copy and visible URL of your ad. They contribute in the overall score of the campaign.

24. Focus on the title of the ad-The title of your ad is your attention-grabber. Make sure you use the ad title to its full potential. A catchy title with the keyword stacked properly will do the trick.

25. Variations in the title- If the title of the ad is not raking in many conversions, consider making a few variations. Change the length, position of the keyword and add punctuation marks like Exclamation points to grab more attention.

26. More enticing URLs- Very few marketers know this, but URLs are a very good attention grabbers. State offers in the URLs, Make it a call to action and even include the price in the URL. This way, you will get not just a better score but a higher conversion rate.

28. Include the price in your ad- While naming the price of your service in an ad can repel a few customers, it will significantly improve the conversion rate and quality score of your Adwords. People who will click on the links will already be aware of the prices and the conversion rates will be higher.

30. Create ad extensions- Ad extensions will give you more exposure and can improve your CTR and quality score. They also should be part of your optimization strategy. Consider including them in your campaigns.

31. Short and sweet- It is advisable to always keep your copy sweet and short. Many people prefer to use the entire ad space but end up filling the content with utter fluff that adds little or no value at all.

32. Build multiple campaigns- Instead of cramming all your services together in a bid to minimize on the ad space, it is advisable to create multiple ad groups to cover individual services. They give you better control on how to use the keywords and this also translates into higher click-through rates for the individual campaigns.