33 Pay Per Click Tips for PPC Specialists


33 Pay Per Click Tips for PPC Specialists 

Are you working as a pay per click specialist? Do you want tips on how to improve your performance in the industry? Having been in the marketing industry for over a decade now, I have encountered various problems and have come up with tips on how to survive your pay per click job. Here are 33 tips for freelance PPC specialists that will help improve your performance in the field;

Site speed- get rid of any unnecessary images and videos that could be slowing your web page speed down. Users will not come back if your page loads for too long.

Landing page design- Design an enticing and highly responsive landing page. This is what creates a first impression to the people that click on the links leading to your page.

Local searches-Use the local searches option if your business is limited to a certain location to maximize on the local community.

Advertise in areas you can actually cover- Use geo location features to target areas that you know you can actually deliver services to. Don’t advertise in areas you can’t deliver.

Incorporate social media-take advantage of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and create paid ads to increase your chances of getting conversions.

Seasonality- Create ads in periods when you are sure you will get quite a number of clients. If you are selling toys for example, the festive season would be the prime time to post your ads.

Choose the right keywords-Include the right keywords in your ads. People will easily and quickly find your services when you have the right keywords included.

Define your audience-Make sure you clearly define the location and audience of your products and services. This will help you save money and emphasize on the targeted people more.

Mobile PPC is vital-Make sure you take advantage of mobile PPC. Include phone numbers and call buttons in the ads to enable clients reach you on phone easily.

Adwords-Take advantage of free tools like Adwords to bring the best out of the PPC campaigns. There are numerous other free tools that you can use to make the campaigns easy and more productive.s

Create new ads-New ads can have as big an impact on conversion rate as new landing pages. Make sure to be continually honing and improving your message when creating new adverts.

Honesty in your work-Never promise people what you can’t deliver. Only tell people of the services and products that you can comfortably deliver.

Create awesome call to action messages- Create great call to action messages asking the clients to buy services and products from you.

Discounts- In your services create discounts and include coupons in your campaigns to make people want to come back again for your services.

High quality images-If at all you have to include images in your work, then let them be high quality images. They can quickly capture someone’s attention.

Add a zoom in feature-Adding a zoom-in functionality and captions can help in improving the aesthetic value and overall quality of the service on the website. People can zoom in to take a closer look of the products you have listed.

Complete information-Always provide as much content about your product as possible. Never leave any information out.

Keep information simple and short-Always keep information simple and short. Use easy to understand language and never use any contradicting words that can easily confuse your customers.

Embed Videos in your webpages-Include videos! It’s pretty simple to set up a YouTube channel and embed videos into your site. They can be guide videos or just fun content to keep the users glued to your work.

Label and number key points properly-Make proper use of numbers, bullet points and even paragraphs to make the presentation of your work seamless.

Theme colours- Choose the colour code of your webpages wisely. Screaming colors can easily be a turn off and make your page look unpresentable.

Create the correct headings-Make sure your H1 and H2 headings convey the right message about your business. People will only skim through content quickly and headlines are important guides to them.

Site navigation – too many options might be confusing, too few and people won’t be able to get where they need to. Make the site easy to skim and navigate. Each element should be carefully placed.

Shipping prices –If you are selling products then it is wise to include shipping fees. Some people prefer higher cost items with free shipping, other prefer low costs and high shipping expenses.

Testimonials-If you are selling products, it would be wise to add customer testimonials to help convince prospective buyers to try out your products.

Include trust symbols- Verified by Visa etc. remind customers that your site is trustworthy. The small things are what matter in the end. Anything that adds to your credibility should be added instantly.

Accept multiple payment types – Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Amazon, and Google Checkout are all good starting points. People generally have a preferred method. Including multiple methods increases your chances of getting a range of clients.