33 Reasons Donald Trump is Successful in Marketing


33 Reasons Donald Trump is Successful in Marketing 

Donald Trump just recently upset the odds to become the president of the United States. As much as it came as a shock to many, it was an indication of how good of a marketer Mr Trump and his team really were during the campaigns. The marketing exploits of Trump have however been part of his DNA almost. One of the richest men in the world today, there are a lot of marketing positives to take from Mr Trump’s life. Here are 33 reasons Mr Donald Trump is successful in marketing;

1. Authenticity- Mr Trump is a very authentic person. He talks and preaches what he believes in. This is important in marketing, consumers crave for authenticity rather than offerings.

2. Creativity- Donald has always been creative in the way he approaches issues. He took a unique path that many didn’t expect him to take. This is a great marketing tool. Be unique and creative in your work always. It works.

3. Risk-taker- Who is more daring than Trump? Who would have thought 5 years ago that Trump would take over from Obama as the U.S President? You have to take risks in whatever you do and success will be imminent.

4. Sticks to one strategy- He succeeded and succeeds because he sticks to one strategy but perfects it well. He build his campaign around immigration and look what fruits it bore him.

5. Persistence- Even when we treated him as an outsider and an underdog who stood no chance, Trump came out on top thanks to his persistence. He constantly marketed himself and he won in the end.

6. Laser Focus- He focussed on the few issues- immigration and restoring America’s greatness- and managed to convince the electorate that he will solve the issues and make the nation great again. Same should apply in digital marketing, focus on a product and make people fall in love with it.

7. Speaks his mind- even before he became an aspirant, he has been a man who doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind. Although he sometimes look a little sheepish in so doing, people ended up loving his antics.

8. Story-teller- This seems a little awkward but is a great marketing tool that Trump used to emerge triumphant. His story was that of a pained American who craved to see America get back to its prime. His story is why he was elected. What’s the story behind your product or service?

10. Works against the grain- When everybody was pulling the rope in one way, Trump was there pulling it the opposite direction. When everybody is focussing on giving offers to sell their products, why not focus on the quality and outscore them?

11. Different in all aspects- Right from his first campaign, Trump has been doing things his own way. His antics and numerous shenanigans are the reason he stood out and people noticed him.

12. Never quit- we all remember how Trump performed so badly in the first GOP debate and we thought he was done. He went back, re-strategized and look what it earned him. This is a skill every marketer needs. When things don’t work, don’t quit, bounce back stronger.

13. Stick to a game plan always- in selling his manifesto and policies, he always stuck to his game-plan. He wasn’t swayed by the many critics. It did him great.

14. Opted for new grounds- He opted to go to an unimaginable place. He sparked the “ooh, did he just vie for presidency?” response. Opting for things people don’t expect can do you a great deal in marketing.

15. Team Player- He worked with his campaign team and they strategized together on what to do and they stuck to their game-plan.

17. Strong networking- In marketing, it’s all about the number of people that you know who know other people out there. These networks did Trump a great deal in winning him the polls.

18. Powerful message- Mr Trump has a strong message in all his campaigns and this helped him win the elections. He didn’t have words as pleasant as Hillary’s but the mere fact that he believed in what he was saying earned him millions of followers.

19. A wise spender- Much as Trump is a business mogul with billions, he was clever in the way he spent the amounts his campaign team raised. In marketing, you have to dish out some dough, but spend it wisely.

20. Patience- He was so patient in his campaigns. No matter how much the media bashed him, he patiently went on with his campaigns and look at the fruits of his patience. Don’t lose your cool in marketing, wait and you will get the results in the end.

21. Conviction – Trump believed in every word that he uttered from his mouth. That conviction helped him a lot in convincing the Americans to vote him in.

22. Controversial figure- Look at the utterances he made. Look at how reckless he was in his campaign. That controversy put him on the map.

23. Creates a stir- Trump has an ability of creating a stir and make people talk about him. Does your service create a buzz in the market? Do people talk about it often? If not, then find a way of making people talk about it.

24. Enticing- “make America great again” that was his slogan. Who doesn’t want to see a better America? He is such an enticing human being.

26. Organized- He had planned and organized his campaign so well that he covered all the campaign areas and delivered quality content to them.

27. Targeted the right people- Trump didn’t target the millenials and social media lovers, No! He targeted the whites especially the senior members of the society and delivered his message to them. They voted him in and he won!

28. Unmoved by negative criticism- He was not moved at all by the negative image of himself that the media painted.

29. Build on criticism- The media threw stones at Trump and he build the White House from the stones. How do you perceive the negative criticism your products get as a marketer?

30. Perfect timer- Look at the time Trump decided to vie-just after a historic black president! He knew that the Americans would not historically vote a woman into power and stood for presidency. He won easily.

32. Builds around strongholds- He build around his strongholds which was targeting the senior white citizens. He cared very little about the other people of color who were against him. His strongholds voted him in.

33. Social media present- How many times did we see Trump engaging people on Twitter? This was a great marketing tool that helped him.