33 Tips to Pass The Google Certification Program


33 Tips to Pass The Google Certification Program 

We all know how crucial it is to get the Google Certifications in the various marketing fields. Undertaking the entire Google Certification programs and taking the tests will equip you with much needed skills to thrive in the online marketing and advertising industry. You have to score over 80% and this can be a difficult fete to achieve. To help pass with ease, here are 33 tips on how to pass the Google Certification Program;

* The tips are all inclusive for all the Google and partnering programs. i.e Adwords, Analytics, Mobile et al.

Section A (setting your goals and objectives)

1. Before signing up for any program, make sure you understand the basics and fundamentals of taking up the program. This is the first step towards a successful venture.

2. Set the goals and exact objectives you want to achieve from the program. If you are aiming at a score of 90% for example, write that somewhere and let this be your motivation.

3. Understand the opportunities that lie ahead. The golden question is always what next after certification? Once you know the opportunities that lie ahead, you will work hard towards passing the test.

4. Look at the success stories of people who have taken the tests and programs before. This is one way of motivating yourself and seeing a future after the program. Certification will help your career as a marketer and give you very many opportunities.

5. Choose the program that you intend to start seeking certification in. If it’s Adwords then stick to it and concentrate on it till the end. Multitasking can prove to be ineffective.

Section B (The actual Program and preparing for the certifications exams)

This is the most important part. After you have settled on a specific program to partake in, use this tips to pass the exams.

6. Familiarize yourself with all the topics covered in the program. If you are taking the Adwords program for example, then look at the learning centre for the topics.

7. Make use of the available platforms and resources to prepare for the test. For example the Analytics study guide is very helpful.

8. Download pdf versions of study guides and use them in your revision upfront. The PDF are detailed and can be accessed when you are offline.

9. Take short notes from the pdf files when revising. Paraphrase the sentences and information into a form that you can easily understand.

10. Check out the Google provided videos for visual learning. They are detailed and it’s very easy to remember information from a video.

11. Research online-Beyond the Google provided videos, there are many other useful resources that you can use to equip yourself with skills and knowledge to pass the exams.

12. Another important tip to keep in mind when studying for the certification exams, is to always remember that it is more than just passing the test. Study like this is something you are going to apply in real life.

13. Dedicate 2- 3 hours a day to revise for the test. If you are normally too busy, squeeze in an hour in your day and study for the test.

14. Create some sort of time table on how to revise for the test. Write down the individual topics and dedicate time to each topic.

15. Always ensure that you are comfortable with a topic before you move on to the next one. Never take anything for granted. It might prove to be costly in the end.

16. If you are learning online using your computer, there is always the temptation of checking out social media and reading emails. Desist from this when preparing for the exam and concentrate on the content alone.

17. Make good use of idle time. When you are free, instead of watching some clips on YouTube, take time to study and expand your knowledge on the Certification Program you are undertaking.

18. Decide on the timespan within which you want to complete the program. Although there is no limit of time taken to prepare for the exams, it’s always advisable to set your own personal timespan. This sense of urgency will help you prepare well for the exams.

19. Ask questions– do you know someone who has undertaken the program before? Well, don’t shy away from asking them those questions that you are having trouble with.

20. Don’t cram or memorize, just understand the concepts- Understand the important concepts and desist from cramming. Understanding concepts means that you will be able to apply the ideas in real life after the test.

21. Try the learnt concepts practically- Have you learnt a new Adwords skill? Why not put it to test and see how it works? This a good test before the actual exams if you have understood the concepts.

22. Constantly revisit the areas you deem your weak points- if there is an area you feel you are having trouble understanding, then constantly remind yourself of the concept by revisiting the area.

23. Understand in depth the differences in content now display network and search targeting. These are two very confusing areas in adwords and an area that has led to many people failing in their tests.

24. Before thinking about taking part in the final exam, consider taking part in the practice and mock exams. They are a good testing point to know where you stand in terms of preparations.

25. Avoid online forums few days before the actual exams-Although they are good sources of information, they can equally be sources of negative energy that can discourage you going into the exams.

Section C (Taking the actual exams)

27. Apply to take the test if you feel ready- Don’t rush into taking the exams just for the sake of completing the program. Make sure you are ready before opting to take the test.

28. Ensure you are in a good emotional state before taking the tests– if you have any current issues bothering you, it’s better to keep the test waiting and take it later.

29. Avoid distractions during the test- There is a temptation to quickly glance at social media sites. This will take up most of your time and your concentration will be affected.

30. Mark the questions you are unsure about and come back later to attempt them. It is possible to do this when taking the exams and it is very handy.

31. Cross out answers that you know are not correct simply by right-clicking on those answer choices.

33. Go through the questions as many times as you want before the time runs out. This is to be sure that you did the right thing