33 Ways to Use Instagram to Make Money Online


33 Ways to Use Instagram to Make Money Online 

Instagram, has grown tremendously since its inception. It’s now more than just a photo sharing platform. It’s a hub that business owners and small start-ups are using to market their services and products and you should do too. Did you know that you can use Instagram to advance your business and reach more clients online? Well, here are 33 tips to use Instagram for your business;

1. Create premium Instagram adverts- Pay for the Instagram adverts and let more people see the ads for longer periods of time. The ads will be aimed at more relevant audiences and increase chances of sales

2. Send links to your followers through the direct message feature and comments- Add your website links to your posts, send them as messages to the followers and include them in the comments. Ask the followers to click on them.

3. Talk about current issues to engage your followers- As much as you want to earn clients and make sales, it is important to engage the followers and create a relationship. Constantly engage them by posting videos where you talk about current affairs and try to be as objective as possible.

4. Introduce new projects, services and products on Instagram- Use Instagram to introduce a new line of shoes or clothing for example. Post pictures and videos on Instagram and let your followers see the new products.

5. Content on your website and post the link on Instagram- Create marketing content on your website and post the link on Instagram and encourage the followers to click on the link.

6. Use Instagram to run competitions- Ask your followers to post photos and videos of them using your products on Instagram and promise to reward them.

7. Create digital company posters and post them on Instagram- Create digital company flyers and constantly post them on Instagram. Hire a professional graphic designer to create these posters and let them be creative.

8. Post motivational photos and videos that will engage the followers- Post motivational photos and quotes on Instagram that motivate your followers and don’t have to be related to your business.

9. Post testimonial videos on Instagram post short videos of clients who loved your services and products to show your followers that your product is actually good.

11. Introduce your staff on Instagram – Take time to post a video of your staff members and let your followers know them. This will make the followers relate to them and you will be one happy family with mutual benefits.

12. Hype your upcoming product on Instagram – Create a buzz around your upcoming product and tease the followers about the product.

13. Make use of Instagram stories- The newly introduced stories can be used to narrate stories on your company.

14. Create tutorials on how to use your product- Post short tutorials on how to use your product and post them on IG.

15. Post behind the scenes videos- Post videos showing people how your products are made and ask them to buy them in a fun and engaging manner. Post these videos regularly on Instagram and let the people have a feel how you run your company

16. Go live on Instagram- Go live on Instagram and give your followers exclusive viewing various events and happenings in your company. This makes them feel special and ahead of the crowd.

17. Run contests on Instagram- run contests on IG revolving around your product and award the followers who take part. Make it habitual so that your followers will be keen to take part in the subsequent contests.

18. Show the followers your product or service in action- If you are selling shoes for example, show a person walking in town in your dress or shoes. Post a video of a celebrity wearing your shoes and you will be surprised at the number of people who will come knocking for the same shoes.

19. Follow back the valuable customers – Follow back the ardent followers who you think add value to your business and ask them to send photos and videos to you about your products. Look into your competitor’s accounts and follow some of their most valuable customers in a bid to hijack some of them.

20. Live Q&A sessions- Choose a day of the week and hold live question and answering sessions with your followers to grow your business. This is a good way of knowing how well your brand is doing out there.

21. Check other major brands out- Follow other major and competitor brands on Instagram to see what they are doing. You will learn new strategies that will help you advance your business.

22. Post funny videos- that will engage the followers and add a fun business related tag at the end of the video. Always try and incorporate your product into the fun and let the followers relate to it. There are lots of funny videos on the internet, just be careful not to post stuff that will irritate your followers

23. Aim to increase your followers- Make your account fun and engaging enough. This will make more people follow your account to remain up to date with the fun. Follow as many people as possible and ask the followers to help you gather more followers by spreading word.

24. Share your Instagram username on other social media platforms and on your website- Share your username on Facebook, Twitter and your website to increase your followers.

25. Announce promotions discounts and clearance sales on Instagram- Let the followers on Instagram know that you have a promotion or a discount and that they should hurry and take advantage of the discount before the time runs out

26. Post videos about your new upcoming projects- Use Instagram to give your followers a snippet of upcoming projects and products and make them look forward to the new projects.

27. Post Instagram videos demonstrating how good your product is- Use Instagram to market your product by showing them first-hand how good your product, app or service is.

28. Make important announcements on Instagram- Make all the important company announcements and updates on Instagram to keep the followers informed always.

29. Create call to action videos- Create short videos calling the followers to employ you or hire your services. Make the videos short and sweet.

30. Post captivating photos of your products- post clear and captivating photos of your products and services and let the followers want to hire you by looking at the photos. Make the photos look good for the eye.

31. Post photos with links and leads to your website- include links to your website on the photos you post on Instagram and encourage the followers to open the website when possible.

32. Hold an end of year report- Create a video at the end of every financial year to show the progress of your company. Post videos and other comprehensive reporting tools like graphs will come in handy here.

33. Thank the followers and ask for their continued support- At the end of every year, thank the followers for the amazing year and seek their support for the upcoming year. A short video on Instagram will always do the trick.