5 AM on a Saturday Morning?



Most weekdays I have difficulty discerning whether its day or night…  Went out to eat dinner with the family.  It was fun.  Talked a bit.  Play with my cat.  And then coded a ton…. I’m proud of what I got done today.  The interesting part… tomorrow and Sunday should be super productive.  I know whether certain days are going to be productive… and tomorrow and Sunday will be fore sure.  Lots of coding left. I want to finish off PHP.  I finished Web Design tonight.  And I did most of the basic PHP training.  I’ll probably go pet shopping tomorrow… but since my mom and dad are home… I don’t really need to run errands.  Huge bonus.

They’re here until Octoberish… so no more food shopping, laundry, etc… and of home cooking… the best there is.  I’ll be able to focus on other things like my RunRex website and videos.  I’ve commissioned (sort of) a new designer for my hobby website… I’ll see where that goes.  I have a lot more videos and blogs to make today… it’s not like I don’t have anything to do.

And tomorrow I have to drop by down town to see the new potential roommate.  My commute isn’t bad… it’s just not good.  Lots of exciting things on the horizon.  Overall… I’m exhausted.  I want to learn iOS and android after web design.  probably some swift.  Once I get all of that taken care of… I’ll be a pretty decent developer… at least according to what teamtreehouse tells me… haha.

My cat is the best study buddy ever.  Even better than Phi and Medhi.  He never complains and is always awake.  I never see him sleeping… which is strange… since I don’t sleep much either.  For sure I need to reward him with more cat toys.  I’ve been in an incredibly good mood lately.  Uber productive and seeing my parents is never a bad thing.

Well… I’m sure I’ll churn out a ton more blogs soon….  since I sort of have to…. for buffer.  But that’s it for now.  Since it’s 5am and i’m exhausted.  I’ll grab a few hours and get back to coding.  I very much want to finish PHP.  That’s a language I think is a ton of fun.  And then videos… and things like that.  I also have to go to the post office… ick… post offices are terrible….