5 Hours of Graphic Design Later


I started resizing images around 11pm…. went to get ice cream at cvs.  And now some how it’s almost 4am.  I’m not sure where the time went…. I don’t have adobe illustrator on my laptop.  One of the downfalls of buying a mac was I lost all those expensive programs I paid for… since I had a windows.  I love my macbook…. after I left my job it was the first purchase I made.  My previous company computer was a nightmare to use… and not something that I’ll have to deal with again.  It wasn’t the worst computer… but it just wasn’t good.  And everyone else got a macbook… one of the myriad of reasons I didn’t feel good about working there.

Anyways it was a lot of fun.  Eating ice cream and resizing images.  Today was a fun day.  I got to do more sales.  I’m getting better at it… but we will see.  There were a lot of good leads this week.  And we can probably end the week on a high note.

I walked away to get coffee…. and now it’s 4:06am… Time has gone by fast tonight.  Most nights I’m far more productive.  It probably has to do with my frustration over not having the adobe suite.  I should probably pay for that and shutter stock.  Wise investments.

Talking about wise investments…. the later the night becomes the more I start buying things I don’t need.  I just purchased 3 playmats…. of the same image.  Do I really need those… no… not even close.  Anyways I have a busy Friday… I’d like Thursday to be as productive as today.  Thursday I have a client visit but then it’s work at home.  I expect Thursday to be productive… but who knows.

This weekend… I’m not sure what I want to do.  On one hand I can not go out… and barricade myself to get work done.  Which sounds pretty good…. I sort of have friends coming into town…. Sort of being that they are sort of my friends….  The better decision would be to not go out Friday night and treat it like a pre-med test where I crunch.  If I can crunch on friday and saturday… into Sunday…. I can get a lot done.  That’s probably a good plan.

My next blog will be about how I buy random things from the internet in the middle of the night… seriously… I’m a sucker for ads.. around 4am.  Money management… I just want to buy more and more stuff for my library.  I estimate I have 1500 books – mostly graphic design.  I’d love to add to it.  But buying one or two books at a time isn’t appealing.  I need to find art bookstores going out of sale… I know that sounds bad… since that means there’s one less creative place.  However, I haven’t added to my library in a long time.  Oh shelves… let me go online and look at shelves to buy for the next half hour before I pass out on my keyboard.  !!!