5 Learning Differences In High School Teenagers


5 Learning Differences In High School Teenagers   

Human beings are basically created having different capabilities. This includes the brain, s IQ and way of understanding a given concept. In high schools, students are admitted having different capabilities. After joining their respective institution, they start acquiring knowledge in different styles depending on the individual suitability and the subject in matter. Here is a breakdown of different learning methods used.

1. Survey

This is a learning method that includes scanning the headlines and most important topics and words in a given context. This usually suits very intelligent students as they are able to quickly formulate and understand what the whole topic being discussed is about. This may be due to reading a lot of materials and familiarizing themselves with day to day basics. By reading few words and linking them together, the student is able to quickly understand what is required.

2. Use of questions

Other students prefer using question approach to gain knowledge. By using questions, the student is able to research on what is actually required. Use of question also prepares the learner’s mind on how to tackle future questions as well as provide a guideline on what to actually study about. This also helps the learner to carry out thorough research on the subject matter. This method also helps the student to be on the right track and not to read about irrelevant materials.

3. Recite

There are a number of students who need to use the recite method to gain knowledge. This is because their mind needs to be triggered with the required content on and on. This may also be applied where there is a short duration to understand the content. There are some concepts that also need to be recited as a student may end up forgetting the most important details. Other students prefer using this method as once they recite the given context, it will be easier and convenient for them to recite in future.

4. Review

Other students prefer tackling questions on what they are learning about and later looking at what they have written down with the right answer. This helps the learners to always be open minded as well as know where they are wrong. Once the students get to know their mistakes, they get to understand the current concept in full and it ends up sticking in their minds.

5. General reading

Other students prefer going through the whole concept word by word. It may include using a pen and paper to write down short notes or even just by going through the entire content. This helps the student not to leave any context thinking that it may not be of importance. Reading the entire content also helps the student understand the context in full.

Different students use different methods to acquire the required knowledge. Though they may be very different from each other, the end goal is still the same. Some students may be comfortable when using more than one method while others may only be comfortable with a specific method.