5 Pay Per Click Advertising Tips for Law Firms


5 Pay Per Click Advertising Tips for Law Firms

PPC (Pay per Click) advertising is key to promoting your business online. Although it is often more costly than the other forms of online advertising, when properly conducted, it has a relatively large ROI (return in investment) than its counterparts. It really is an effective but overwhelmingly grueling task setting up a successful PPC campaign that will help your business rake in from the investment. Very many business have today turned to PPC as a way of increasing their sales and rankings in the market. Law firms have not been left behind either. Law firms are discovering the potential within PPC and are slowly adopting it.

For you to successfully run a PPC campaign to help promote your legal business, you have to have the right skills and expertise. Many law firms struggle to thrive in the business because they lack the technical know-how of PPC. To help law firms flourish in PPC, here are some of the tips and tricks to use. These 5 pay per Click advertising tips for law firms will help you properly set up the campaign and expect higher returns. Here are the tips;

1. Focus more on the target location

A good reason why most PPC ad campaigns end up failing is because the marketers don’t focus on the Geo location that they intend to market their services. As a legal firm operating in Kansas for example, getting your ad viewed in Ohio will be of little help. Focus on the Geo location and the good thing is Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other service providers offer amazing Geo-location features which you can use to your advantage.

2. Make good use of Dynamic Keywords

Dynamic keywords can be a bit tedious to use especially for the newbie but if executed properly they have a higher click through rate. The keywords allow you to come up with more relevant ad copy by replicating the phrase searched into your ad. As a law firm, you want your potential customers to click on your ad and by them seeing the exact phrase they searched for, the chances of them clicking on your ad are high.

3. Check the timing

Always analyze your metrics to find out when your ad have the highest conversion rate. As a law firm I would assume most clients would be seeking for legal help in the morning or the night after they have found themselves in trouble. Knowing the exact time that the ad has the highest conversion rate will help you to restrict ad impressions on those times and save your money in the process.

4. Create a good landing page

What next after one clicks on your ad? Does the ad lead to some complicated homepage that is complex to navigate? Is there an elaborate landing page guiding the client after he has clicked on your ad? As a law firm, you should have a good landing page that will pick up right where the ad left off.

5. Make lucrative but competitive offers on your ad

There are thousands other legal firms offering similar services out there. This means that the competition is very high. So, how do you stand out from the crowd and attract more clients? Simply use lucrative and appealing words that will prompt the user to click on your ad. Terms like “Free Consultation” or “Download Your Free E-Book” will prompt the customers to click on your ad.