5 Reasons to Use Instagram for Small Business


5 Reasons to Use Instagram for Small Business

Instagram, a photo-based social networking site provides business with an easy way to increase their reach and put their business before thousands of new people and business prospects. Below are five tips that will help you accomplish this as you build and nurture long-term followers.

But first, for those who still may be unaware of what Instagram actually is, it’s a social networking site designed to share both photos and videos that are at least 15-seconds long. It’s more of a visual platform that allows your follower to see your visual displays and visa versa. This visual information is displayed in somewhat of a timeline format. It’s simplicity is primarily responsible for its growth spurts and its popularity. With over 300 million active users on a monthly basis and 90% of its user base being under 35 years of age, below are five reasons your business should be using Instagram.

1.   Build Brand and Customer Loyalty

Since Instagram provides your followers with a visual sense of who you are and the product or services that you provide, it builds more like-minded followers who, after much nurturing, will likely develop trust for your company. Not only will you expose your brand to new people, but followers will eventually become loyal customers. You’ll be surprised at how you can use this opportunity to allow others to come into your world with behind-the-scenes snippets of your business.

2.   The Use of Hashtags

Hashtags allows you to develop images and / or content that is centered around a theme. This is helpful for those who may be searching for that specific hashtag. What that does is allows you to expand your reach even further than your normal followers from your regular marketing efforts on the Instagram platform. Whenever a visual photo or video is shared, Instagram then prompts the user to provide a short description of the image.

Another great benefit of using Instagram is that it tends to have a more mobile-friendly platform than some of the other platforms. The key to the success on Instagram is the proper labeling of your photos.

3.   Participate and React to the Latest Trends

Prior to posting content on Instagram, be sure to develop a strategy based on the type of photos and videos that you plan to share. You can use this opportunity to respond to new developments within your community, trending hashtags or big news stories. Responding to the latest trending hashtags allows your followers to see that you are engaged with the latest trends and are active within your community.

 4. Participate in Similar Communities 

Similar to other social media platforms, Instagram also requires reciprocation. This will be a prime opportunity for you to follow similar businesses with like-minded goals and values. This can take place by commenting on some of the other user’s posts or images to show that you are an active part of the community.

5.   Reward Your Follows With Special Offers

There’s no better way to show your appreciation and commitment to your followers than with a sale designed specifically with your followers in mind. You can offer time sensitive discounts based on comments that you read on various forms within your community or other special offers.

You’ll find that Instagram is a wonderful way to attract people and draw them to your business. It’s easy to get set up, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can build following on this visual-based platform.