5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn for Small Business


5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn for Small Business

LinkedIn is a great tool for companies and individuals considering making new connections, generating leads, and growing their brand. LinkedIn offers an essential platform for every business and can be a true game changer for small businesses. This is mainly due to the increased popularity and use of the social media platform among business owners. According to the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry report, LinkedIn has surpassed Facebook as the most important platform for small businesses. In the same year, Salesforce’s State of Marketing report ranked LinkedIn as the 3rd most commonly used social media network for business owners. Definitely, LinkedIn is a valuable business tool that shows no signs of slowing down.

Here are reasons why your business should not wait any longer to integrate LinkedIn into its social marketing strategy. The strategy is proven to effectively work for B2B (Business-to-Business) marketers and B2C (Business to Customer).

1. Product Launches and Content Distribution

Statistics suggest that LinkedIn is supposedly the most effective social platform for content distribution and product launches. Do you still rely on traditional press releases to know about new products? Well, social media — particularly LinkedIn — has had a great impact on the way we distribute our products, information, and news to bloggers, media, and consumers. According to a poll conducted by Regalix, LinkedIn is the best platform used for launching products among small businesses compared to Twitter and Facebook.

In 2014, Content Marketing Institute & Marketing Profs did a study, which found out that 94 percent of businesses use LinkedIn for content distribution. The study further revealed that marketers preferred using LinkedIn to Google+, Facebook, and Twitter as a channel for distributing their content.

2. Lead Generation, Reaching All Your Page Followers and Recruiting New Talent

In 2012, research by Hubspot team discovered that LinkedIn had a high visitor-to-lead conversion rate than other social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. These numbers may have changed over the 4 years, but LinkedIn continues to have a significant business leads — particularly for small businesses.

Through this referral traffic, you can reach all your followers on LinkedIn, which is very vital for your business. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn does not filter feeds. All the posts you update to your business page will appear in the feeds of your followers, no matter how often they interact with your posts.

3. Increased Search Visibility

A well-optimized business page and LinkedIn profile will increase your chance of ranking highly in Google search, thereby getting more valuable search engine results. To ensure that you rank high, consider the following:

– Use relevant keywords in your page description and personal bio

– Use descriptive words in your business name and job title

– Complete all the fields in your business description and profile

– Include links to your blog and website in your description, profile, and posts

4. Improve Professional Relationships and Establishing Thought Leadership

LinkedIn is a key channel for distributing content professionally, therefore the most effective platform for establishing your brand and yourself as a leader in your field. LinkedIn groups enable you to be a trusted influencer in your industry; endorsement and recommendations can help solidify your reputation as a trustable entity in your niche.

On the other hand, LinkedIn helps small businesses establish and develop valuable online relationships. According to an infographic from Wishpond, most LinkedIn users have better face-to-face connections that help solidify in-person connections.

5. Recruiting New Talent

LinkedIn provides an effective way to recruit new talent as the top channel for getting qualified job applicants compared to career websites and job boards. According to research by LinkedIn itself, the site has been increasingly used as a job recruitment platform over the last 4 years.

In sum, LinkedIn is a reliable platform to share your content to your current followers and connections. Advertising also extends your reach even further by enabling you to target your content distribution to potential clients and industry influencers.