5 Steps to Become a Marketing Manager in Houston


5 Steps to Become a Marketing Manager in Houston

Browse the classified ads in print or online, and you will see that it is a growing field with a lot of demand. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that jobs in the field will increase nine percent by 2024, and the median income is over $124,000 per year. Just a quick Indeed search for “Marketing Manager” in Houston shows 3,555 openings as of this writing. While some ads ask for a college degree, many do not, and still others say they’d like a BA/BS or equivalent experience. Marketing is a field where successful experience in marketing, advertising or brand management is often more important than a college degree. Even better news – you can learn about marketing, and gain experience, without paying a fortune, adhering to a strict schedule or going into debt. Here is our quick blueprint for becoming a marketing manager and settling into a secure career.

1. Learn about marketing

Learning all you can about marketing is obviously the goal, and to that end, there is no better education than that which focuses all your time and energy on marketing. The Guttulus website is a treasure trove of totally FREE education in marketing. Yes, you heard us right! You can find training courses that will teach you about different forms of search, and marketing, and even help you pass the Google Certification tests.

Please note, we are not saying that a college degree is pointless; if you have one, it may help open doors for you more quickly. However, if you do not have a degree, some of those same doors will open for you when you have the knowledge, skills, and practical experience required to do the job – and can prove it to employers!

2. Get experience in marketing

Now that you have studied, and understand how marketing and search engines work, it is time to put your skills to work and gain some needed experience. Entry-level marketing jobs like marketing analyst, sales representative, marketing account executive or marketing assistant will help you learn more advanced techniques while working with skilled and knowledgeable mentors. Overall, the more experience you gain in marketing, in different areas, the higher salary you will command.

3. Gain the marketing skills needed

Nothing beats hands-on experience in this field, and that is why we put experience as number two on our list. Getting your hands dirty, so to speak, making the mistakes that rookies make, and learning from, those mistakes; will make you a better marketer and teach you skills far beyond what you can learn by simply listening to an instructor.

Beefing up your skills and your résumé with added courses, hands-on assisting, or tackling volunteer or project work. This will help you gain the needed knowledge and background to snag those six-figure jobs that are plentiful, but elusive. Conferences and seminars are great, both physical and online. Read constantly, and keep up with all the latest marketing trends. Ask local non-profits if they need volunteers for public relations and marketing their organizations. Adding marketing skills, knowledge and experience will pay off in your quest for a marketing management position.

4. Get certified

Think about why a college degree is so universally accepted. The reason is that it is physical proof that you have completed a course of study in a specific field.

Lucky for you, getting Google or Bing certified is a way to gain that same type of physical proof of studies and knowledge on the topic of marketing. What’s more, you don’t have to apply to college or take out a student loan to get certified.

Google certification is free, and there are two tests to pass; the Fundamentals test, and one of the advanced tests. (Of course, the more you take, the better to prove your Google knowledge.) Make no mistake, these tests are hard and stressful. Each test requires 10 – 20 hours of studying and a score of 70 to 85 percent, depending on the test chosen.

Bing accreditation, also free, requires you to take a test with 100 questions, and a passing score is 80 or better. When you are a Bing Accredited Professional (AP) they add you to the member directory for potential employers or clients to find you, and the AP badge can go on your website.

There are lots of other certifications available online, and if you learn enough for the two big ones above, you probably will have the knowledge to pass many of them. There is no such thing as too many certifications/proofs of knowledge.

5. Ask for jobs

Now that you have your certifications in hand, and experience working on marketing projects, put together an online portfolio that shows all your achievements – projects you’ve undertaken, certifications, online proofs of work you’ve completed, and testimonials from those you’ve worked with.

Use your online portfolio and beefed-up resume to ask for marketing management jobs. Chances are you will quickly gain that title behind your name, while gaining further experience and knowledge.