5 Things You Don’t Learn In Graphic Design School


5 Things You Don’t Learn In Graphic Design School

How strategic partnerships (agencies, outsourcing, etc) can help you grow your revenue and/or business.

How to price your services.

The true value of networking.

Your Online Presence is key for employers and clients

Not every piece of artwork will be pretty

As an emerging designer, you’re ecstatic about furthering your career at a local or prestigious design school. But are they preparing you for the real world, or just a nice portfolio? We’ve curated the Top 5 Things You Don’t Learn In Graphic Design School.


Whether you plan on working in-house at a company, freelancing, or owning your own agency, a great portfolio is one thing, but having a positive online reputation is key to gaining new clients or getting that dream job. Some employers, and even some prestigious clients will do their research before even speaking to you… So, always make sure that


The ugly truth is that you’re not going to like every design that you create. Your vision may be completely different than what the client is expecting, or requesting. One of my first clients was my mother, and she loved seeing “Comic Sans” on everything… My heart melted in loathe.

It’s not always about what you want to do, but what you have to do. The end goal is to please the client, which in turn, will please their customers. Now, you’ll run into situations where the client is ultimately wrong, and they’ll want you to go back to a previous concept, or create an entirely new mockup from scratch.