5 Tips For Becoming a Google AdWord Manager


5 Tips For Becoming a Google AdWord Manager

If you or your agency have been entrusted with the job of managing multiple AdWords accounts, using and AdWords manager account may be just the tool to step up your game. A manager account puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to make changes to any and all of your accounts quickly and easily. A single dashboard allows you to manage multiple accounts, create campaigns, compare performance across all accounts, link accounts, and consolidate billing into one monthly invoice. The options and possibilities are many.

Tip #1- One Dashboard…Many Options

Log into your manager account and use the dashboard to perform a variety of different tasks. You can search, navigate, and manage any or all of your accounts from a single dashboard. Link and unlink existing accounts and accept or decline them. Create new linked accounts, remove users, and change access levels. A single dashboard easily puts you in control of your accounts.

Tip #2-Consolidate Billing & Manage Alerts

As an AdWords manager, you have the power to roll all AdWords billing accounts into one monthly invoice, making it quick and easy to pay for them all at the same time. A manager account allows you to receive alerts regarding your linked accounts. Alerts allow you to effectively keep track and monitor your accounts. This is a time-saving tool that allows more efficiency in keeping up with your accounts.

Tip #3-Manage Access Levels

It is possible to have more than one person with manager account privileges. However, you can grant different levels of access to those with manager account privileges. Users of manager accounts can be assigned 4 different levels of access: administrative, standard, read-only, and email only. You can easily control how much a user is able to do, by setting the access level according to what privileges you want a user to have.

Tip #4-Communicate Clearly to Avoid Conflicting Changes

Having several users with manager account privileges can be beneficial, but if communication regarding roles and responsibilities is not clear, it can result in conflicting changes made to the same account. Clear communication regarding roles and responsibilities for the management of accounts and who gets to make what kind of changes should be a priority.

Tip #5-Create Optional AdWords Login Accounts

You can create additional login accounts from your manager account without an additional email or password. The account will have no users associated with it and no one will be able to access it directly unless you invite them. Creating this account doesn’t give users more managerial privileges from a day-to-day standpoint, it simply gives the AdWords manager the ability to grant administrative privileges to certain users on an as needed basis.

There are many ways to powerfully use an AdWords manager account. A single dashboard allows you to perform a whole host of different tasks to monitor, change, and launch a wide variety of different tasks and campaigns. Utilizing the many tips and tools that an AdWords manager account puts at your fingertips, allows you to more effectively use this arsenal to your advantage.