5 Tips Creating a Pay Per Click Manager Resume


 5 Tips Creating a Pay Per Click Manager Resume

Many jobs have developed over the years as a result of the Internet coming on to the scenes. A lot of jobs that are tied to marketing, building web traffic PPC, analytics, SEO other related online job functions have only been around for a short period of time. However, this does not take away the fact that professionals in these are required to function well in any of these various capacities. Including the area as a PPC manager, which requires a specialized skill set in order to be effective. PPC managers, short for pay per click manager must create a compelling, strong resume to be considered for top PPC positions and to capture the attention of employers. To help streamline this effort, below are five tips for creating a resume for a Pay Per Click Manager designed to win over potential employers.

1. Background and General Industry Experience 

One of the things that should be reflected on the resume is that the manager has a strong, solid background in the industry and has worked in the capacity of areas related to e-commerce and retail. The resume should clearly reflect the manager’s industry experience and also include the Social Media space to increase the potential client’s confidence in his or her abilities. Additionally, the manager should be able to display his or her ability to set goals and show results, as well as their ability to measure performance.

The resume should also clearly indicate the manager’s basic understanding of marketing campaign and where he or she fits into the overall big picture.

2. Ability to Inform

Since most business owners are completely unaware of what PPC actually consist of, the manager should be prepared to explain how PPC works, the expected outcome as well as how it will benefit the client.

3. Scope of Work 

The manager should be prepared to explain all the details and the process of the work involved as a PPC manager. Including laying out the specific steps and methods used, a projected timeline, the settings tab, any testing activities and the tools used, as well as any other related methods involved in performing the scope of work.

4. Previous Accomplishments 

Another very important element that should be included on the resume consists of the manager’s previous experience and accomplishments. Especially those that have to do with important factors within this industry such as the conversion rate and any revenue generated as a result of the managers planning and overall PPC efforts.

5. Budgeting 

The manager should also be able to show his ability to work within a budget according to what’s been provided by the client. With respect to the budget, the PPC managers should be able to map out all of the steps involved and their associated costs so that the client is fully aware of where his or her money is being.

In essence, the PPC manager’s resume should reflect information that lets the employer know that he is perfectly capable of performing the role as a PPC manager and oversee all aspects of PPC campaign.