5 Tips Creating a Social Media Manager Resume


5 Tips Creating a Social Media Manager Resume

Just nearly a decade ago, the function of a social media manager was not in existence. Some of the major social media platforms were just barely beginning to bud and had not quite taken the world by storm. But now, today being an active participant on social media platforms takes a lot of dedication and commitment. To effectively interact with existing and potential customers, along with other participants within a specific industry, on-going social media management must take place.  Because of the time involved in this task, many busy professionals have turned to individuals who specialize in taking over their social media accounts, often referred to as social media managers. This job position can be full time or part time, as an independent contractor or as an employee. It requires constant monitoring and that on-going updates be made. To be considered one of the top picks for a social media manager position, your resume must be well polished and have key elements and skills to convince employers that you’re the perfect candidate for the job. Having said that, the following are five tips that are useful for creating a social media resume.

1. Strategic Planning and Implementation

To implement a planning strategy, you will first need an understanding of the overall picture and how everything ties together, including your client’s goals, content, search engines, the target audience, social media platforms and measuring outcomes. Your ability to display your understanding to plan for of each of these elements on your resume is critical as well as your ability to execute each of them as well.

2. Social Media and Community Relations

You will have to display some knowledge of your client’s industry and its trends. You must also be able to know what’s going on in the media and how it could affect your client’s image. You will also need to show your ability to create conversations, respond to comments and remarks made on Facebook and Twitter as well as monitor what’s taking place within your client’s online community within their marketplace.

3. Keep Abreast of the Current Digital Marketing Trends

There is a variety of movement on social media platforms that is a reflection of the latest trends, updates and what’s trending. You must clearly show your understanding of mobile platforms as well. And the increase in its role in social media in general. The reduction of Facebook’s organic reach and the development of “pay to play” along with any changes during its development stages. Keeping abreast platforms that are more visual based than others and how to stay fully engage with them is also an important area to note. 

4. Ability to Measure Performance and Outcomes

In addition to being able to display your ability to perform social media management assignments, you must also be able to display your ability to use the latest tools to measure how your client’s campaigns and marketing strategies are coming along as well as its overall impact. By implementing your analytical skills, you’ll be able to determine what’s working well and what isn’t.

5. Leadership and Communication Skills

As a social media manager, it will also be important to take the initiative to keep your client well informed and fully engaged in the activity that’s taking place on their various platforms. You must show your ability to effectively communicate this information to your client as frequently as agreed to in both a verbal or written manner.

It’s important to have excellent writing and communicating skills and be able to display this ability on your resume. This includes the ability to create captivating headlines, introductions, proper sentence structure and good use of grammar.