5 Tips for Making the transition: Elementary school to Middle School


5 Tips for Making the transition: Elementary school to Middle School  

The transition from elementary school to middle school can have adverse effects on your teen child if he/she is not well prepared for the same. See, this is the period the kid starts showing signs of maturity as puberty kicks in and he/she is prone to emotional provocation. Without proper guidance and advice from you the parent, your child will find it hard to transition from elementary school and blend in with the rest of the students. This is likely to not only affect his/her academic performance but handicap him/her socially. To help you guide your child to advance without trouble, here are 5 tips for making the transition; elementary school to middle school;

1. Paint a rough picture of what middle school is like!

Just after the graduation from elementary school, take time out with your child and talk to him /her and let them have a rough idea of what middle school life is like. Don’t scare them by narrating scary experiences but rather mention the good things that you miss from your middle school days. Make them fall in love with middle school through your own experiences. It is however very important not to exaggerate what the life is like as this might give them high expectations which if not met, will have far more reaching consequences. Be positive but proceed with moderation.

2. Take a reconnaissance tour

Just before the child joins middle school, take him/her for a reconnaissance to the middle school they are meant to join and show them around. Let them talk to the teachers and tour the school and acquaint themselves with the systems of the school. This way, the environment will be more familiar to them and when they finally join school, they will feel at home and the transition will be smooth.

3. Explain the importance of establishing a good social life

There is a popular phrase that friendships are made in middle school! This is absolutely true and you should be keen to stress this to your beloved kid. Encourage them to make friends, join sports and engage in group works. Explain to them the importance of making good friends and tell them to be well-behaved themselves so that they can be good friends to others. This way, the child will be social and will make many friends who will help him/her settle into the system quickly.

4. Clarify on academic issues

There are many kids who are shocked by the sudden drop of their grades once they join middle school. The bulk of homework increases, classes are frequent and the teachers are harder on them compared to elementary school. Prepare your child by explaining the importance of working hard in school and concentrating on studies. Let them know that there might be challenges at first but encourage them by telling them that they will be able to do it.

5. Always be there for your kid

When they finally join middle school, it is important to always keep a close eye on the daily progress of your kid. Visit the school often and get an evaluation of how the child is fairing on. If the child is encountering any problem, talk to the class teacher. Ask the teachers to help your child blend into the system by keeping tabs on them. If the child is not doing particularly well in class in the first few months in middle school, do not hesitate in hiring a private tutor to help boost your child’s grades.