5 Tips for Making the Transition: High School to College


5 Tips for Making the Transition: High School to College   

Prospective students joining college face certain challenges when they start a new life. The students do not anticipate life challenges that college introduces them to. The truth of the matter is that there is no right or wrong way of making a transition from high school to college. Different students come from different backgrounds and expectations too. Naturally, adapting comes in various ways.

Here are a few helpful tips:

Ask for help

Despite scoring the best and highest scores in high school, you need help around college. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

The reality of the matter is that one is venturing into new environments. You are introduced to new learning materials. As a new student, you will face numerous challenges. While riding the struggle bus, seek assistance from the older students and relevant authorities. Do not be afraid to seek assistance when the need arises.

Do not be too hard on yourself when you fail

Failing does not mean getting grade F. if you work hard, it is very hard to fail. However, some students will beat themselves up when they score a B. Getting a lower grade than expected should not be interpreted as a failure. The reality is that you will get grades lower than A regardless of high bright you are. As long as you tried your best, there is nothing that can be done.

Explore new subjects

Students should take the time to learn new subjects. Take courses for the sake of learning. Find new materials and feed your mind with new content. Find something interesting to do besides attending the usual classes. College time is the time to try new things. This is the time to determine what you want in life. For instance, an IT student may be interested in gender and sexuality studies. Create time to feed your passion and interests besides the course work.

Do what you like while boosting your resume

We live in a competitive world. Most of the students will focus on building their resume. However, it is important to engage in activities that one enjoys. Sign up for extracurricular activities.

It is easy to get caught in doing the right things that will boost your resume. Whatever you do, do not forget to have time for yourself. Take that foreign language class. Volunteer for a worthy cause.

Have time for yourself

College can be demanding. However, do not forget to spend some alone time. Get the chance to de-stress and take a break.

Coursework can take up most of your time. Going for a swim or playing basketball after a long day should not be considered as wasting time. Everyone has their ways of de-stressing. It is important to take ten minutes or an hour to yourself. However, avoid engaging in vices that may ruin your reputation.


Some of the tips will be helpful even after leaving college and joining the job market. College may be demanding but make sure you make the most of it. Be ready for the challenges that college life has to offer.