5 ways inbound marketing can help a small business


5 ways inbound marketing can help a small business

What is inbound marketing?

Marketing strategies for a business translate to enhanced business volumes owing to the increased number of customers being targeted. A business must settle on the marketing strategy that will focus on the target customer and deliver sales. Inbound marketing is a strategy that has revolutionized the traditional way of advertising by bringing in a transformative approach that does not focus on sales but instead targets the building of business-client relationships. It is a pull technique that earns the attention of potential customers and develops an interest in them that is focused on what a business is offering. Inbound marketing has a significant Return On Investment with small businesses reporting a 79% ROI on average.

What inbound marketing aims at achieving is helping prospective clients find the business as opposed to buying their attention as with the traditional methods of advertising. A business blog, social media networking, Email marketing and SEO content management are among the inbound strategies of advertising a small business can adopt to great effect. Inbound marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing techniques with its cost being 61% less than the cost of traditional marketing strategies.

5 ways inbound marketing can help small businesses

Inbound marketing is crucial for small businesses that have not established a loyal and significant customer base. With its core strategy being grabbing the attention of people, it makes use of structured content to pull clients towards a product or service.

  • Improving lead generation

As a small business, lead generation is crucial as it is what builds the customer base and enhances the reach of the business. inbound marketing utilizes SEO and content marketing which effectively contributes to lead generation through the sharing of the content and the triggering of a conversation about a product or service that a business offers. Inbound advertising makes for 54% more leads than the traditional methods which proves its effectiveness.

  • Enabling people find the business online

The online platform is the perfect marketplace and all business, large or small, are focused on tapping into its global reach. As a small business looking to scale operations, inbound marketing is an advertising strategy that will utilize social media and blogging content to create awareness and enable people find the business on the online setting.

  • Increase web traffic

All small businesses with the objective of reaching greater heights have to have a dedicated website that can handle the online shoppers. Inbound marketing, as an advertising strategy, can ensure that traffic to the website is increased through effective and Geo-targeted content that focuses on what a potential client needs and how the business can deliver on the same.

  • Building the business brand

Inbound marketing strategies including dedicated blogs, integrated social media networking and Email marketing are all effective in building a brand. Every online shopper doing research will ultimately lean towards the content and information they are attracted to which is exactly what inbound marketing is tuned towards.

  • Building business-client relationships

Traditional marketing strategies usually focus on the sales pitch without concentrating on what the client needs. Inbound marketing has changed that by offering small businesses a chance to build a relationship with potential clients by creating awareness, establishing consideration and facilitating tools that enable a client make a purchase decision. It is these factors that build and maintain a relationship between a business and the prospective customer. Inbound marketing has a 14.6% close on leads rate as compared to the 1.7% that outbound marketing offers which means a small business is best served with inbound marketing as opposed to traditional advertising techniques.

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