5 ways to make money from content marketing


5 ways to make money from content marketing

Content marketing is an avenue of advertising that has gained wide popularity and usage. When targeting an effective marketing campaign, content has to be a principle part of the strategy as it is what users and potential clients focus on when trying to understand what a product or service is all about. As content marketing commands a significant part of the digital marketing world, monetizing it is a crucial factor that marketers target. What many internet advertising companies and individuals do not realize with content marketing is that it can be effectively structured to generate income on an enlarged scale. The 5 crucial ways to make money from content marketing are:

Online courses

The digital age has completely transformed how people learn and research information about products and services. In this respect, content marketing plays a crucial role in directing traffic. Money can be made from content marketing using online courses that educate and provide information on varied subjects in which a potential client may be interested. Online courses are a perfect way to make money as they offer a route for people to enhance their knowledge and in the process, gain intelligence over the internet. By offering online courses, a marketer can also market complementary products or services that contribute to the knowledge chain thereby increasing the revenue streams.


Content marketing is all about giving the target market what they desire or what they are bound to need after sampling a product or service including explaining and reviewing featured products. A marketer can make money from content marketing by setting up a blog where product information and links to product pages can be shared. Every click on the product links is sure to earn the blog a commission. Monetizing content marketing can also be done by writing product reviews for established brands and products which the manufacturing company can pay for. In the same wavelength, keywords, phrases and tag lines that link to internal and external content can also be included in the blog which is a sure way to earn through every click that directs traffic to the target websites or landing pages.

Write eBooks

The online stream of knowledge is a trending phenomenon and with the development of digital gadgets, it is bound to get even bigger. eBooks offer a way for individuals to expand their education and content marketing can be leveraged by the use of eBooks to ensure the process earns money. The revenues from eBooks is projected to hit the $8.69 Billion mark by 2018 which highlights the increased market being opened up in the specific niche. Writing eBooks with self-published titles allows a marketer to create a demand within the target market and gain revenues with every user who reads and takes an interest in the same.

Securing free links

Content is key and the more users read through it, the more the opportunities to make money. Websites with huge traffic are perfect target grounds for content marketers as they offer a way to tap into the already present traffic. securing free links on the websites with high online traffic is a sure way attracting the target audience to the informative or descriptive content on offered products and services. The content becomes the rich resource that browsers are directed to which is guaranteed to make money with the views.

Viral marketing

Links and videos are the fundamental elements of viral marketing that can be done within the content marketing industry. Viral marketing is a strategic way to earn from content marketing as it directs high value traffic. Viral marketing can be done by the placement of links to products and services or company pages at the end of newsletters and banners which readers are characterized as recommending quickly and easily. A link or a product video can also be placed at the end of educative content that is relevant to a specific audience which will guarantee that whenever a user clicks on the link or video, a marketer gets paid by the company or owner of the brand.

Content marketing is bound to take centerstage in the future of digital marketing and with this development beckoning, taking advantage of the high value traffic will be crucial. This is where the strategies for monetizing content marketing come in to provide the avenues for making money. The main idea with making money from content marketing is taking advantage of the already present avenue to enhance earnings on the online setting. With content accounting for 64% of the internet traffic, it is indicative of the gravity with which people consider content to be king. Ensuring the content does the hard work is always the target for every content marketer and with the aforementioned strategies, content marketing can effectively be transformed to a money making platform.