5 ways to make money from video marketing


5 ways to make money from video marketing

Videos have taken over the core of marketing and video marketing has become a crucial aspect in the advertising industry. Videos have significant impact since they are visual and are able to influence a user effectively and it is the high level of conversions that appeal to marketers. With video marketing, the idea is to always focus on the optimizations that will improve the effectiveness of a video. Video marketing is an operation that can ensure a marketer makes money handling what they are passionate about. Among the top 5 ways to make money from video marketing include:

Sponsor advertising

The most successful mode of making money from video marketing is sponsor advertising as it is straightforward and effective in the long run. Sponsor advertising is the process of creating videos for a brand or company that promote a product or service and marketing the video through the preferred channel. The sponsor for the video then pays a marketer for the videos and the marketing efforts that a marketer employs. Sponsor advertising is effective since it is an assured way of earning revenue with a prior agreement in place between a video marketer and the sponsor of a brand.

Hosting webinars

The digital marketing platform has been transformed by the use of webinars as a mode of communication and learning. Webinars offer users and potential clients the chance to learn about a brand or product including interactions with a product ambassador. Hosting a webinar is an effective way of making money from video marketing since it ensures that a marketer is able to share videos about a product or brand and explain the same to the users which is sure to earn income from the owner of the brand or the manufacturer of the product. Encouraging users to subscribe to a channel that offers more on the product or service also serves as a referral strategy which is a marketing strategy rewarded by commissions from the featured company.

Video Ads

With video marketing, it is possible to earn revenue from marketing other videos within a video. Creating video Ads serves as an effective strategy to make money from video marketing as it gives a marketer the chance to structure an advertising platform within already playing videos. Product marketing can be structured in Video Ads where a featured company pays a commission for their product or service being mentioned in the videos that a marketer posts. Video Ads can also be structured in way whereby a featured company or brand pays a percentage of the profits if a video posted by a marketer leads to a sale. These strategies serve as modes of making money seamlessly from video Ads with little optimization.


The beauty with video marketing is that there are plenty of opportunities to make money and Patreon is among the most useful. Patreon is a crowdfunding service which is designed to encourage marketers to post videos as they get paid for the same. The crowdfund is designed to collect funds from individuals based on the videos produced and promoted by a marketer. It is an ingenious mode of making money from video marketing since it incentivizes marketers to make quality videos whether educative or informational and market them for the respective audiences. Patreon is a strategic way of monetizing video marketing that requires a strategic partnership that will guarantee continuity.

Affiliate Ads

Video marketing is all about strategic approach and placing affiliate links in videos is an effective way of making money from videos. Affiliate Ads work in two ways with the first one being the case in point where a product is displayed in a video that a marketer posts and a commission paid to the marketer for any sales generated from the same. A second form of affiliate Ads is where a link to the sales page of a company is placed within the video play. A marketer is then paid a commission for every click made on the link whether it leads to a buy or not. Affiliate ads are attractive revenue streams for passive income settings.

Video marketing is all about being relevant and addressing what the target audience needs. A marketer targeting video marketing can have unlimited opportunities with the strategy since the platforms for monetizing the same are endless. With creativity and effective balance in optimization, a marketer can make money from video marketing and ensure that the produced videos work to bring in the desired income. The point of video marketing is to supplement content marketing and give users the visual presentation of how a product works with added information on benefits and additional value. Leveraging the curiosity and demand that users generate to structure the mentioned strategies is a sure way of making video marketing a revenue stream.