5 Ways to Put “Pokémon Go” to Work for Your Small Business


5 Ways to Put “Pokémon Go” to Work for Your Small Business

The world has witnessed some of the most fascinating and peculiar trends in the digital world in the past two with the Pokémon Go becoming the world’s unique mobile game.  The secret to winning in this augmented reality game is to “catch all of em, ” with “them” resembling the tiny animated monsters in it. What many people fail to realize is that these ‘creature’ has been the basis of all the operations of Pokémon franchise for the past two decades. Several people download and use this application daily to get in touch with other individuals and locations around the world. My belief is that you can also use it to promote if you know how to go about it. However, the following five steps can help you put “Pokémon Go” to work for your small business if you do not have the knowledge.

Drop Lures to attract trainers

One secret of this game that businesspeople can take advantage of is that the in-game lures are meant to “attract (lure)” Pokémon to a particular location. For that reason, they deserve the name, “player lures” as they enable this game to operate by “attracting” users to a particular physical region in the real-life situation.  If Pokémon Go places your business close to or on top of a Poké-stop, you will have the opportunity to drop one “lure” for half an hour. During that period, you can attract many players (customers) moving near your business due to the surge in the number of users that appear when one places lures.

Pay attention to individual teams

Most players of Pokémon Go have shown immense pride in the teams they associate with, with a significant percentage of them tending to bond with one another for particular affiliations. You need to take advantage of that factor for the purpose of promoting your business. The best way to go about this is to focus on particular team members by giving them various specials on different days. You could offer drinks or discounts to those who visit your store.

Show your involvement and give tips

Pokémon Go allows you to give a few tips to your customers in a bid to draw their attention towards your business. For example, you can use various social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to inform the other users about the things that happen in your location. Here, you can post about the rare Pokémon that your customers come across at your location. Probably, you will get

A few foot traffic interested in cashing in on the same things you found. You can also take advantage of the game’s camera to take photos of your business’s Pokémon to target the players who do not have much information about it. Pokémon Go also comes with the #pokeselfie, which you can use alongside updates to reach out to the customers.

Offer stations for charging

Playing Pokémon Go consumes battery, meaning that players will have to recharge their phones during the play. Such a situation opens up a chance that you could explore by offering a charging station where players can charge their phones. Here, you need to set up a post next to your business to lure players (potential customers) who need battery charging.

Advertise all rare Pokémon

Some Pokémon is only available in particular geographic regions. It is their rarity that makes players seek them, and if some of them exist close to your business, advertise them to the players. For example, many players not only find Pikachu lovable and recognizable but also seek it because it is rare. Since it only exists in specific areas, place an advert close to your business if Pikachu or any rare Pokémon is available in the area. As players come for them, they will notice, and buy from your business.