5 Ways to Put Snapchat to Work for Your Small Business


5 Ways to Put Snapchat to Work for Your Small Business

Creators of contents and brands use Snapchat to create stories that excite and engage the audience on a daily basis. In general, Snapchat stories involve a set of snaps, which people use to develop a video narrative.  With this social site receiving not less than 1 billion visits, you can increase your customer base by sharing the information about your business with them. Snapchat allows you to have fun with its essential features and tools by providing geofilters, filters, emoji, text, and music among other media available on this platform. It is not easy to get Snapchat to work for your small business, but the following five measures can work in the favor of your enterprise.

Direct people to Live Events

Unlike other social sites, Snapchat is suitable for real-time marketing through social media because it can lead the audience to live events. You can take advantage of that factor to provide direct access to the launches of your products, trade exhibitions or any other one-of-a-kind program such as the ‘customer of the year’ to purchase items from your store. Not only does such arrangement makes your excited about Snapchat, but it also makes them feel that you provided unique and authentic details about the operations of your business. One of the ‘huge’ companies that make an extensive use of Snapchat is the NBA. For example, it used this site to air match events that occurred during the All-Star Game Draft, and Finals. It also utilized Snapchat during the All-Star Game of 2014, which enabled it to post the videos of the happening of the Los Angeles.

Deliver Private Content

With the help of Snapchat, you can provide unique content to your followers that they are not likely to get on other social sites. This way, they will have to visit your Snapchat page, knowing that they cannot get similar contents elsewhere. Some of the fashion experts who have adopted this approach are Kors Michael and Minkoff Rebecca, who used their accounts to showcase their brands before taking them to the markets.

Organize Perks, Promotions, and Contests

Everyone who uses social media loves the promotions and giveaways, meaning that you can lure more followers (customers) by using a similar approach. For example, you could offer the discounts or promotion codes to those who watch the full stories you post on your Snapchat.  Similarly, you could ask them to send you or just take and post a snap while using, holding or wearing a product you sold to them.

One of the businesses that excel at engaging the community with a string of promotions, contests, and exclusive deals is GrubHub. Studies show that it was the first brand to use the scavenger hunt that Snapchat provides. During its five-day campaign, GrubHub asked the followers to upload a snap of them holding a product from the company. Most of them responded by posting food selfies and food doodles.

Tell them what they do not know

Unlike the other social platforms, Snapchat allows you to introduce your customers to the behind-the-scenes activities, which contributes to building and involving a solid following. Showcase your business in a way that captures the attention of the audience.  This way they get to know it and develop the urge and trust towards its operations.

Create a partnership with influencers

One of the factors that help businesses grow in other social networks such as the Instagram is the support from social site influencers. They can also contribute to the spreading of brand reach and awareness on your Snapchat.  You will find it easier to create awareness to several customers if you partner with influencers than trying out the traditional media.