5 ways to make money from SEO


5 ways to make money from SEO

SEO is crucial to the success of any digital marketing campaign. Both content and video require optimization for search engines if they are to rank higher and reach the target audience. SEO thus proves to be the core of digital advertising and utilizing its full potential serves as a way of making money for marketers. The digital world has transformed marketing where every business targets having a website through which clients can communicate and interact with the brand. Optimizing the websites and pages requires SEO and this underlines the importance of the process. With many strategies geared towards maximizing SEO, here are top 5 ways to make money from SEO:

SEO writing

It is automatic that SEO writing is tuned to be a lucrative venture for any marketer who wishes to make money from SEO. Content creation as a strategy for making money is a vast field since niches are spread across the varied demand areas which makes for a lucrative industry. SEO writing involves the creation of content for readers with respective to the specific niche or audience in question. Content can be optimized depending on the aspect being promoted and the target audience and a marketer can make money from SEO writing creating the relevant content that will lead to a generation of the desired traffic to websites and landing pages.

Selling stock content

Stock content is important to projects and marketing strategies and this is what a marketer can leverage to make money. A marketer can make money from SEO by selling stock content for commercial purposes that involve the creation of custom sites. The stock content can then be used by commercial content producers to complete and customize projects. Stock content can earn a marketer a huge amount in form of revenue depending on the extent of optimization that has been made for search engines. Commercial content producers are not the only clients for stock content, companies designing website pages are also viable customers when it comes to the stock content.

Incorporating affiliate links

Search Engine Optimization is all about focusing all efforts on the target audience. With content and videos, it is possible to optimize them for the target audience and ensure that the selected media is able to direct the high value traffic. A marketer can make money from the optimization by incorporating affiliate links within the content or videos that have been optimized for the target audience. Clicks on the affiliate links will surely guarantee a commission for a marketer ensuring the optimization on the videos and content earns additional income.

Creating video lessons

SEO is not tuned for content alone and structuring video optimization is what guarantees a marketer additional income. Creating and optimizing video lessons including “how to” and “top ways to” orientations ensures that a channel can make money from views. Video lessons are crucial in this era of digital learning and information relay. Most internet users learn different aspects about daily living and operations from the online tutorials and making video lessons can ensure a marketer taps into that demand. The video lessons can be created and sold to corporations with a ready target audience or a marketer can alternatively create the videos and market the same on their own individual channels where money is made on every click made.

Blending transactional and informational keywords

Informational keywords are instrumental when targeting the online community that is researching and browsing for information. Transactional keywords are the ones that trigger a potential client to buy or subscribe to a product or service offering. A marketer can blend transactional and informational keywords to make money using SEO. This strategy can be employed on corporations focused on sales and educating the potential clients. Blending transactional and informational keywords can effectively generate traffic which can be harnessed to generate income through campaigns like Pay Per Click. The utilization of the keywords can also be used to focus efforts on affiliate programs which can generate income and ensure a marketer gets to make money from SEO.

Search Engine Optimization has plenty of opportunities that marketers can take advantage of when focusing on generating revenue. SEO as a marketing tool is responsible for the bulk of online traffic since it dictates the result pages of search engines which is where most users search for information. With SEO, the avenues for making money are endless as every online platform requires optimization to suit a specific audience. With the aforementioned strategies, SEO can be utilized to make money and marketers are presented with vast angles to exploit. The beauty with SEO is that it can also be blended with other marketing opportunities like affiliate marketing and multilevel advertising as all of them work on the principle of focusing on the target market.