5 Words to Use for Creating Great Ad Text



Wow, it’s been some time since I wrote an article.  I’ll make sure this one is extra useful.

1. Today

One of my favorite words to but in a Google Adwords Text Ad: Talk to a Lawyer Today.  Buy a New Hyundai Today.  Fix Your Water Leak Today.

Even better, move Today towards the front: Talk Today to a Lawyer.  Buy Today a New Hyundai.  Fix Today Your Water Leak.

For the crazy ones (success dependent on industry):
 Today Talk to a Lawyer.  Today Buy a New Hyundai.  Today Fix Your Water Leak.

English language be damned.  This is about conversions.

2. Local

I live in Houston ,Texas… people in Texas like seeing the word Texas.

For the display URL, I use xyz.com/Texas.  This creates a I’m from Texas, are you from Texas?  It might seem silly… but Texans purchase “Made in Texas” T-shirts in metric tons.  I used to see them all the time when I went to NYU.

“Zoom in” as much as you want; just make sure targeting is correct.  Instead of state, you can choose a city or even a neighborhood.  I used to sell a lot of Jeeps in a neighborhood in Portland using this tactic.  Everyone owned a Jeep.  As long as the inhabitants feel pride, this works. It works especially well after football games…  I’m not joking.  I schedule ads based on football games or rather commercials.

3. Numbers

Always use numbers.  Customers love numbers.

Number of verdicts won, money saved, trees planted, etc.  Be creative.  I like to have numbers in BOTH description lines.  The parallel numbers works amazing.

20 Years of Experience X

14,000 Happy Clients X

Any time you can use a number do so.

4. YOU

It’s not about me, it’s about you.  Seriously, the oldest trick in marketing is to go second person.  I’m not going to Dabble much in the psychology, since it’s well documented.

5.  Copy Competitor Ads (in different markets)

Some marketers like copying competitor ads from the store down the street.  I’m a huge of fan of spyfu, but I RARELY copy an ad text from a competitor located in the same city… or state (for state campaigns).  In my opinion it is pointless.

I will geo-search New York City, Los Angeles, and Orlando to see what “peers” are doing in those markets.  They tend to be more Advanced in PPC AdWords testing than let’s say… Houston Texas.

It’s like fashion.  Why copy old fashion when you can copy the newest trends before they reach you?  In fact, there are several brands I follow because they are always on trend.  I have a notebook where I list them by industry.

I hope this was helpful.  The article is meant as a basic introduction of Google AdWords. I’ll have more advanced articles soon… probably with statistics.  Lots of statistics.  And cats.  Since we are online of course.