50 Questions to Ask a PPC Specialist Before Hiring


50 Questions to Ask a PPC Specialist Before Hiring

Happy Friday night… or Saturday Morning. My agency has been interviewing for the last 3 weeks. The vast majority (85%)… have great resumes but no real PPC experience. Here’s 50 interview questions to ask a PPC Specialist before hiring, freelancing, or outsourcing. Or in reverse, here’s 50 questions interviewees should prepare for.


What is your most frustrating paid per click experience? 

How would your boss describe you as a paid search specialist?

How have your campaigns grown?

What strategies for paid search do you use?

Describe one time you asked a co-worker for help optimizing a paid search campaign?

Have you ever burned out doing paid search?

What third party tool do you use for keyword discovery? Negative keyword discovery?

What paid search advice would you give someone who is new?

What paid search advice would you give a small business?

How do you write ad copy?

How do you test ad copy?

Name one creative implementation you made to a re ent campaign?

How often do you review your campaigns? 

Are you good at excel? 

(Have then take a basic excel test)

Describe how you use excel to manage campaigns?

Describe how you first learned paid search?

What things do you look for when optimizing a campaign? 

Do you use Pivot tables and VLOOKUPS? 

What non-search digital channels do you use?

What display or mobile channels do you use?

What traditional channels do you use?

How often do you work with your sales team?

Have you ever signed a client for your company?

What is the ideal relationship between PPC specialist and client?

How often do you interact with clients?

What type of metrics do clients look for?

How do you rack conversions in Google Adwords?

What type of conversions can you track in AdWords?

What are some things you can do using the Google AdWords API?

What kind of AdWords Scripts have you used before?

Explain the different types of keywords?

Explain how to calculate CTR?

How do you improve conversion rates?

What type of ad extensions do you use for AdWords?

What is Google Quality Score and how is it calculated?

What is conversion optimizer? 

What is a social annotation for AdWords?

What options can’t be changed after creating an account?

What is Ad Rank?

How is Ad Rank determined? 

How does AdWords Work?

What is a Seller rating extension?

What are research keywords? 

What are loyalty keywords?

What are consideration keywords?

What are purchase keywords?

Have you written an AdWords script before?

What are you web development skills?

What third party tools do you use?


Let me know if you can think of other questions.