6 tips in choosing a career as a graphic designer


6 tips in choosing a career as a graphic designer 

Graphic designers are marketable professionals in this era of technological advancements and optimizations. With the demand for the services of a graphic designer comes the responsibility of ensuring that you are able to deliver quality with every project. Forging a career in graphic design therefore becomes a process that needs specific considerations. It is important to keep in mind that there is a combination of factors that can influence your rise to the top and they include:


When trying to forge a career in graphic design, specializing in a specific element in graphic designing will aid you focus and become a quality assured professional. Whether it is Identity Design, Packaging Design, Magazine Design or any other element within the graphic design field, choosing one and mastering it to become an expert in the same is a factor that can aid you become a better designer.


It is amazing how the web and graphic design industries share crucial elements in their operation. With the current setup of the designing industry, a graphic designer may be asked to have basic web designing skills and vice versa. When targeting a career in graphic designing therefore, web design skills will offer you the upper hand and ensure you are a complete package when it comes to tackling projects. It will also ensure you get web design experience as well as equipping you with the ability to code a site when need arises.

Targeting internships

When forging a career in graphic design, internships are a pathway to gaining experience and an opportunity that you have to take up. With internships, what you gain is relevant and is similar to freelancing experiencing that designers get when self-employed. Internships are also an opportunity to network and find the influential personalities in the industry from whom you can learn some advanced skills according to your path of graphic designing.

Master Adobe Suite

Elements of Adobe Suite that include Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator are crucial to the success of a graphic designer. As a way of becoming better in the designing process, you should target mastering Adobe Suite as it will ensure you get to increase your productivity as a graphic designer. Mastering Adobe Suite will also boost your creativity when it comes to structuring designs and furthering your career.

Major in the field

With the graphic design industry becoming competitive with every innovation and development in technology, it is important that you major in the field if you want a competitive meaningful career as a graphic designer. Furthering studies and tracing majors in the niches you are passionate about will expose you to varied skills and competencies that will catapult your career by enhancing your chances for getting jobs and projects.

Entering design contests

The beauty with entering design contests is the fact that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. A successful career in graphic design can only be forged with experience and the accumulation of skills and design contests are the best incubation centers for the same. The contests will offer exposure and ensure you are able to build a portfolio that will impress potential employers and clients.