6 Tips to Make Better YouTube Videos


6 Tips to Make Better YouTube Videos

YouTube is a huge deal! Let us not even mention the statistics. Every passing minute, 1, 000 videos are uploaded on YouTube. The truth of the matter is that some of the uploaded videos are a waste of our valuable time. Some of the videos are horrible , irrelevant and boring.

How do you ensure that your videos stand out from the rest? What helpful tips can you adopt that will not cost and arm and a leg? Do you wish to improve your rankings on YouTube? Read on!

Best sound quality

The sound is an important aspect of video creation. We will forgive a mediocre and low-quality video; however, weak and distorted sounds are a major turn off. Off to the next video!

Invest in a quality microphone. After recording, run a basic noise removal filter. Alternatively, hire someone to do the work for you.

Proper lighting

It does not need to be complicated at all. Good lighting can make a low-quality video appear right. Invest in a desk lamp or a lighting kit. Place the light behind you, pointed away from you. Having a backdrop helps with the lighting too.

Edit with jump cut

One of the easiest ways of recording a YouTube video is using the jump-cut method. Jump-cut is when several shot clips are placed to form a single cohesive video. Some of the benefits of the technique include:

It keeps the video pace quick making it engaging

Saves times during recording

Selecting the right camera

There are several camera choices to choose from depending on the price range. The most common camera types include the laptop/computer, smartphone, and the DSRL.

However, always ensure your desired camera should capture high-quality images and videos.

Get content that viewers search

To have a competitive edge in the YouTube competition, the YouTube video should contain content that is relevant to the searches commonly made. There are several tools, free and paid, that will give you insights to the searches made.

Paid tools tend to offer more data compared to free tools. However, the actual value arises when it comes to ranking the specific terms. After identifying the keywords, create and publish relevant and engaging videos.

Maximizing video watch time

How long or short should a video be? Watch time is an important ranking for YouTube videos. It is not about what percentage is viewed: the total time matters too.

Go straight to the point. While at it; use your intelligence and personality to pique the curiosity of the viewers. Get rid of the long introductions.

Getting people to watch your videos is an indication that you are offering value. YouTube will reward your efforts by suggesting the videos to the people. It will improve your video rankings in the long run.


Creating a YouTube video is not a difficult task. The greatest challenge lies in producing a high-quality video that will engage the viewers. Fundamental factors such as lighting, sound, and image quality go a long way in creating excellent videos. Follow the tips mentioned above while creating your next YouTube video.