7 Reasons to Use Instagram for Small Business


7 Reasons to Use Instagram for Small Business

With social media platforms growing the way that they are, it is very wise for businesses to take advantage of as many platforms as possible.

Right now there’s more than 500 million users worldwide, and 70 million photos that are being shared on a daily bases. With numbers like that, Instagram will most definitely be around to stay. If you’re not currently using Instagram, below are 7 reasons small business owners should be using Instagram.

1. People hang out a lot on Instagram

Apart from Facebook, Instagram is one of the most popular, sought after and highly used social media platforms around. People just tend to spend a lot of time there, which provides you with the opportunity to put your business before a large audience take full advantage of this growing, trendy platform.

2. Increase Sales

One great thing about Instagram is that it’s a visual platform that allows visitors to view and purchase your product right away. It has a very high conversion rate, even more so than Pinterest and Polyvore, where most visitors spend an average of $65 per purchase. This platform is a great opportunity to build a following and increase sales.

3. Visual Content Trumps Written Content

Since Instagram displays a lot of visuals, it tends to keep people more engaged. The eye normally shifts to the visual content anyway, so this platform is a great way to both build a following and market your product or service.

4. Instagram users are more Engaged than Facebook users

Facebook has gained recognition as being the most popular social media platform out there, however it’s the Instagram users that tend to be more engaged and share more contact information than the Facebook users. Some of the more popular brands have noticed an increase the engagement rate of about 4.1% on the Instagram platform.

5. Instagram is a Breeding Ground for Creativity

Instagram is a great platform for your brands personality to shine through. Its standards are a bit more relaxed as opposed to some of the more traditional social media platforms. It allows you to be creative with your brand by building brand loyalty in a fun and exciting way. Instagram provides an opportunity for you to do things that you may have always wanted to do with your brand, but were faced with limitations. This is your chance to be creative and develop the visual identity you’ve always wanted.

6. Leveraging Content

A lot of people may not realize is that Instagram could be your key to success with its wide variety of user generated content. Whenever photos of your product or service is shared, you increase your potential to generate more sales between multiple users on Instagram. Especially if you take the time to interact with those who is sharing the product or service.

7. Give Customers a Sneak Peak at What’s New

Because of Instagram’s unique social platform, you can connect with your customers in a different way. You can invite them into parts of your business that they would not be able to be exposed to otherwise. You can share behind the scenes activities with them, such as what it takes to make one of their favorite products, what changes are going to be made to a current product line, what promotional videos are coming out, what discounts are available specifically Instagram users. The list goes on and on. Just think the creative ways to be more engaging with your Instagram followers.