7 Reasons to Use Linkedin for Small Business


7 Reasons to Use Linkedin for Small Business

How can LinkedIn benefit small business owners? Suffice to say, most of the small-scale business owners often use LinkedIn to find leads, find vendors or grow their businesses. However, there are many other ways that small businesses can take advantage of LinkedIn to grow their ventures.

They include:

It is a new of way of getting new clients

Do not underestimate the power of satisfied customers. They are the people that will bring in new clients for your business. It may be by word of mouth or through online recommendations. One of the ways of maintaining existing clients and getting new ones is asking satisfied clients to write a review which will be published and shared on your LinkedIn profile.

Getting answers to tough questions

Small business owners can greatly benefit from having a LinkedIn account. Running a business can be a challenging experience. Thanks to the LinkedIn networks, questions may be posed and answered in no time. For instance, if you are not familiar with tax issues, it may be a great platform to get some information.

Win new business opportunities by answering questions on your area of expertise

Business owners can use the LinkedIn platform to answer questions based on their area of expertise. By doing so, you may land yourself new business opportunities. It is a great way of sharing knowledge and information with other people.

Constant touch and communication

LinkedIn is one technique that the keeps businesses and clients connected. Some of the factors that make the social media platform a better communication tool include fewer status updates and the business intent of the site. All that is needed is a computer/ laptop and reliable Internet communication. Business owners can communicate with their clients, mentors and investors anytime and anywhere in the world.

Finding vendors for services that need outsourcing

LinkedIn makes it easy to meet vendors and other service providers whose help you may need. Thanks to the large network of peers, one can easily outsource services through referrals or vendor connections.


Did you know that your potential investor or mentor may be a member of your LinkedIn network? One can find mentors and investors from the platform with a lot of ease. Once connected, your level of participation may influence their decision on mentoring you or investing in your business. One can be an active participant by answering questions and participating in group conversations.

Get clients by sharing your blog content

Most small businesses have a blog. Sharing their blog content on LinkedIn is a great way of informing potential clients what they are dealing with. Additionally, their clients and followers can get regular updates and information that pertains to the business.

However, the blog must contain relevant and up to date information if you wish to keep the readers engaged.


LinkedIn a social network platform that can benefit small business owners as long they use in the right way. It is a platform where professionals meet. It is a great way of meeting potential investors and new clients too.


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