7 Reasons to Use SnapChat for Small Business


7 Reasons to Use SnapChat for Small Business

Although many business owners associate SnapChat with a platform that’s more suitable for youth, or consider it a fad with no staying power, many marketers are urging business owners to give Snapchat second look. It has grown in leaps and bounds and should be taken seriously by small business owners and advertisers. Below are seven reasons why business owners should consider using Snapchat.

1. On a daily basis, Snapchat has more active users than Twitter

Regardless of what you may think of Snapchat, the numbers speak louder than words. There are currently over 150 million people who use Snapchat on a daily basis, whereas only 140 million people use Twitter each day. So while many continue to view Snapchat as something for high school audiences, it has been steadily increasing it’s user base beyond the point of some of the most popular social networks on the market. And for those who have or are planning to have a mobile audience, you would certainly leave a great deal of them behind by refusing to adapt to Snapchat. Businesses seeking to grow across all social media platforms should definitely consider Snapchat for capturing more of the mobile audience.

2. Your Target Audience likely uses Snapchat

Since Snapchat is used by a growing market of all ages, it’s highly probable that some of your Snapchat audience is comprised of your targeted age group.

Previously when Snapchat reached first 100 million users, they’re age demographic statistics were as follows:

26M     – 13 to 17 years old
37M    – 18 to 24 years old
23M     – 25 to 34 years old
12M     – 35 to 54 years old
This network is increasing tremendously in multiple age demographics and is why it would benefit small business owners looking to capture a wider audience.

3. If Millennials are Part of Your Market Segment, You Should be Using Snapchat

If you’re targeting millennials through Snapchat, roughly 41% of them are between the ages of 18 to 34 year-olds in the United States alone. In fact, Snapchat has a great market share with millennial consumers and consequently they’d make a great market segment for this platform.

4. Snapchat Provides a Wide Platform for Advertisements Launched Through Smartphones.

Since there are already millions of Snapchat users, placing ads on Snapchat will provide faster exposure. Mainly because most people keep their mobile devices nearby, so it’s highly likely that they will get to your advertisement a lot sooner they would get to those on laptops, desktops or tablets.

And the great thing about Snapchat, unlike some of the other platforms, is that you will have a full screen to work with, which allows your customers to easily see your full ad – and without any direct competition.

5. Snapchat ads are Developed With More Creativity

Since the Snapchat audience has a greater tolerance for creativity, you can have your ads designed so that they’re more suitable or the trendy, bold and daring Snapchat audience.

6. Snapchat has Given Facebook a Run for its Money in terms of Videos

As it stands right now, Snapchat users views over 8 billion videos, whereas Facebook’s users only view roughly 8 million videos (as of this past November.) This is actually a very significant difference, especially since Snapchat is relatively new and has a lot smaller user base.

7. Don’t Get Left Behind

Another reason business owners should take Snapchat seriously is because it’s growing market is creating a much wider social media platform overall, and ignoring this platform may result in businesses getting left behind by the competition and leaving opportunities on the table.

Social media networks and their perspective platforms created a large opportunity for small business owners who would not otherwise get the exposure they need to be competitive. Snapchat is merely adding to new and growing social media trend that small business owners should want to be a part of.