7 things digital marketers can learn from Grave of the Fireflies


7 things digital marketers can learn from Grave of the Fireflies      

Effective storylines are only as effective as their ability to capture the emotional element of the target audience. In this wavelength, the key is to therefore have that factor that will drive individuals to respond with emotion as opposed to absolute reason. Grave of the Fireflies is an amazing animated film that speaks to what people are sensitive with deep inside. With the premise of resting on the select issues, the film responds to questions people have as well as trigger conversation on what should be done to ensure people are able to avoid select occurrences that can shape an outcome. Digital marketers can take a lot of lessons from this animation since it has all the hallmarks of a great piece of marketing genius.

Trigger a conversation

What Grave of the Fireflies has been able to achieve seamlessly is the triggering of a conversation around civil war and its effect on the life after. With this ability to trigger a conversation, people get to talk about it and share which is what generates buzz around a topic. Digital marketers have to take this into account when creating their marketing strategies. When a digital marketer triggers a conversation, the possibilities are endless since it gets interesting for the target audience in terms of relating to the story and sharing in the experience.

Flashbacks aid in creating a story

The goal of any story is to have people relate to it and make it a platform where they can engage and get in deep with the overall idea. As Grave of The Fireflies has successfully presented, flashbacks are a perfect tool when it comes to telling a story and bringing people to a point where they understand the real premise behind a story. Digital marketers have to be in a position where they use varied elements of storytelling to create the best scene where the target audience understands the flow of the story.

Power of a storyline

The power of a storyline should never be discounted as it has the ability to shape any experience. In Grave of the Fireflies, the power of a storyline is what has ensured fans are hooked and in the frame of mind to interact with what the story is all about. When a story is realistic and with an authentic feel, it creates a huge impact which is what every marketer needs when targeting a population. All digital marketers have to exploit the power of a storyline to create a narrative that will prove their dominance as the choice that the target population should consider.

Appealing to emotion is key

Grave of the Fireflies is the best animated film when it comes to appealing to emotion. The developers were able to create an emotional setting where people responded with their emotional being instead of their logical element. Even the most critical producers and directors have been able to hail the animated film as the most tear-jerking and moving in recent times which has popularized the film even further. Digital marketers must learn from this and understand that appealing to emotion is what ensures that you impact the target audience and capitalize on the emotional attachment and response they are bound to give.

Illustration determines perception

Illustrations are what trigger a connection between a presentation and the target audience. As with Grave of the Fireflies, the illustration given gave a contrast setting that has not been captured on anime before which is what created a different perception to what people are used to. Digital marketers have to consider this as a way to get ahead of the curve and present the target audience with a unique perspective that they can adopt with ease.

Appeal to core values works

What has made Grave of the Fireflies a household success is its tendency to appeal to the core values that every human has. It is this factor that ultimately transforms the relationship that the target audience creates with a select brand. Any presentation has to have the capacity to stir something and ensure that it is made memorable. Digital marketers have to always keep in mind that appealing to core values always wins the engagement battle since it keeps individuals looking out for the best-case scenarios for the betterment of the inner virtues.

Re-inventing popular theories works

It is inferred that it is impossible to reinvent the wheel and efforts should be placed in customizing it for better performance but this is far from the truth when it comes to digital marketing. As with the way Grave of the Fireflies has done, the whole concept of animated films has been changed and people are now rethinking animations and how they can repackage the presentations. Digital marketers have to therefore play their role when it comes to re-inventing popular theories to ensure they stay afloat and in the right frame to make the desired impact.

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