7 things digital marketers can learn from Howl’s Moving Castle


7 things digital marketers can learn from Howl’s Moving Castle      

The world of anime has completely transformed in recent times and Howl’s Moving Castle is one example of how a uniquely positioned creation can impact the target audience. The success and popularity achieved by Howl’s moving castle is a work of art in the sense that it features a planned strategy that is followed through to fruition. Digital marketers who wish to have similar success in both campaign management and strategy development have to take the lessons onboard and learn how to incorporate varied elements that will transform their skillset and approach.

Controversy sells

One of the basic yet productive factors that digital marketers have to learn from Howl’s Moving Castle is that controversy sells. Creating controversy around a particular subject or notion is the pathway needed to ensure you create a narrative that will be considered by the target audience to give you a leeway in terms of how you are able to impact the targeted audience. The questions about the moral element and ethical judgement portrayed in Howl’s Moving castle is one of the elements that have popularized it and it is what marketers must take note of.

Virtual reality is the future

The adoption of Virtual Reality as a choice platform for enjoying fun moments and creating adventure around a peculiar subject is what is appealing to the target audience at the moment. Customizing animated elements is the way to go since they bring new perspectives to the people which people easily adopt. With digital marketers, the idea is to ensure you are able to incorporate the elements of virtual reality in your marketing campaign that will give people the preferred perception and allow you to input the specific theory to enable you sell an idea.

A unique storyline is the key

There is nothing with more of an impact than a unique storyline. A creative and unique storyline is the key to unlocking the potential of a strategy and ensuring people understand and embrace the story. Howl’s Moving Castle has a unique storyline and it is one of the factors that have made it have an astonishing impact. Digital marketers must take stock of the idea that having a unique storyline is what is needed to get people hooked and once this is achieved, it is always easier to create a narrative that will be believed.

Fantasy world has endless opportunities

The fantasy world has been incorporated with endless opportunities especially for the creative minds that have the liberty to create engaging elements. The beauty with fantasy creations is that interaction is on a different scale which paves the way for added engagement. Digital marketers must identify with the fantasy world if they are to create the best platform for the target audience to understand and internalize the customized offers they are being showered with.

Target audience loves to explore

A factor that most digital marketers are gradually coming to terms with is the fact that the target audience loves a challenge and this can only be captured through exploration. Howl’s Moving Castle has extensively utilized the concept of exploration and this is one lesson that marketers must take up as it is the key to engaging the target audience. Providing a challenge where the target audience will be required to exploit is what captures individuals. Digital marketers who are able to creatively provide a challenge that a niche audience will find interesting and worth exploring always find it easier when it comes to marketing propositions and this is what all digital marketers should embrace.

Developers should set a premise to determine success

Marketers are sometimes required to tell the prospective client what they need since some are always torn when it comes to decision-making and adoption of new perspectives. A developer plays a huge role on how a strategic approach will play out and this is what marketers must understand with the campaign strategies they employ. As with Howl’s Moving castle, creators do not have to create an accurate depiction of reality but have a strong sense of painting a scene that people will relate to. This is the same concept that marketers must conform to in order to make an impact on the target audience.

An identity is a winner

A target audience always looks for that speck of identity that they will be able to take a hold of and associate with. This means an identity is always a winner when trying to impact a target audience. In Howl’s Moving castle, the identity created by developers is what endears the fans and this is to say that understanding identity is one of the most important aspects for marketers. As a digital marketer, creating an identity around the marketing process or the elements being marketed is what gives you the edge over competitors.

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