7 Things Digital Marketers Can Learn from My Neighbor Totoro


7 Things Digital Marketers Can Learn from My Neighbor Totoro      

My Neighbor Totoro has stood the test of time and gained its spot as one of the greatest anime films. Directed by the phenomenal Hayao Miyazaki, the film is so well put together and high quality that new watchers find it hard to believe that it is a 1988 film.

The animated motion picture scores highly in all categories in which a film is judged: from the story line to character development and execution. It is not a wonder that it has a rating of 8.2 on IMDB. It has inspired a whole generation of fans, and as a marketer, it should definitely be on your watch list. Besides being a fun and worthy watch, here are 7 things you can learn.

Brand building tips

Brand building is in many ways similar to character development – a facet that My Neighbor Totoro shines brightly in. The only difference is that whereas character development involves animate objects, brand building involves companies which are inanimate.

Adopt an inquisitive mentality as you watch the film and be careful to notice how the characters are introduced, visually accented, and bestowed values, traits and dispositions. This way, you will add a few tips and tricks to your marketing toolbox that can come in handy in crafting better, more rounded brand building campaigns.

Get a glimpse into Japanese culture

My Neighbor Totoro will give you a crash course of sorts regarding the nature of the Japanese anime culture and the general Japanese way of life. Character names such as Mei and Satsuki; the house and the nature oriented setting of the film mirrors Japanese ideals and social graces.

As a marketer, this is knowledge that can help you endear yourself to people who are interested in Japan’s entertainment products and way of life – putting at your disposal easy ways of breaking the ice and fostering a rapport that you can tactfully capitalize on to further your marketing agenda.

Insights into what appeals to millions of fans

Anime films are very popular. They attract millions of fans from all walks of life across the world. The popularity of My Neighbor Totoro, for instance, has inspired Studio Ghibli to build a park themed after the movie in a 200-acre piece of land in Nagoya. Already under construction, the park will be completed in 2020 which speaks much of the intricacy and the astronomical nature of the project.

Insights into what converts millions into loyal fans to the point of bringing about the construction of a multi-million-dollar park is certainly welcome information for any marketer and My Neighbor Totoro offers a credible starting point as one of the most popular anime motion pictures.

How to move people emotionally

Any marketer worth his title knows that marketing geared towards people’s emotions outshines marketing expressly crafted to appeal to people’s sense of logic. It is the primary reason why My Neighbor Totoro and other movies that have profound and memorable emotional impacts go on to achieve worldwide popularity.

A savvy marketer looking to hone his prowess in all possible ways will find the plot and clever composition of the movie a great inspiration on how to effectively stir people emotionally with a clever marketing approach.

Values that sell

My Neighbor, Totoro’s popularity is no fluke. The film embodies values and traits that are both entertaining and uplifting thereby managing to create an unprecedently strong, positive connection with watchers that converts into solid income. It follows that marketers can borrow some of the values the movie promotes and apply them to their endeavors to drive performance.

Discover a marketing mix that works

Though marketing approaches change quickly, customers do not. Thus, a marketing mix that worked a treat as far back as 1988 can be replicated today and work equally as well. An inquisitive marketer willing to dive in and find out the specifics on how the film was marketed, what made it outstanding, the approaches that were used, etc., can discover nuggets of wisdom that can help him refine his marketing strategies.

Learn a new language

Language versatility is a useful skill for marketers. It can actualize a difference-making edge when dealing with certain potential customers by elevating the level of understanding during interaction. My Neighbor Totoro is originally in Japanese but it is easy to get one with English subtitles. Therefore, one can use the movie as a supplementary method to learn Japanese complemented by a good language app, for instance.

A lot goes into film making – otherwise, it would not be the multi-billion sector that it is today. By watching films thoughtfully with a marketing perspective in mind, one can pick up nifty revelations that can find all manner of applications in the real marketing world. After all, no film can achieve high popularity levels without doing something right.

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