A Lazy Saturday



With the exception of a super productive 3 hour coding session.. this Saturday has been somewhat lackluster in productivity.  Normally that’s okay since Sunday is the day I do most of my work…. but Sunday I’m meeting with a friend, so I won’t have that cushion available to grind out a productive weekend.  Which means I have to create a lot of content tonight.  Some videos, and some articles.  I have a javascript for PPCers, Social Media Introduction, how to freelance as a PPC, and perhaps one more article lined up for this weekend.  As for videos… I have a lot.  I’m glad that I got coding out the way.  That was the most important thing for me to finish this weekend.  Lots still left to do.

One of the things that would derail this weekend from being productive is errands.  Random, poorly timed, and poorly executed errands.  Errands which take a lot longer than expected.  Maybe I should hire someone to help me with them… haha.  It would free up a lot of extra time for me to do other things… more important things.

My plan is to grind to articles and then take a break to watch some Netflix.  And then back to the grind.  If I can knock out the videos and articles today.  And save the video editing for tomorrow.  That works.

It’s so weird thinking that there’s such a difference between Saturday and Sunday.  Now that I think about it… I should have met my friend today and then crunched on Sunday.  I’m not sure why this is stressing me out.

Which brings me to the end of this blog.  It’s nice having friends who drag you out.  I’m in hermit mode.  I’m either extremely social or not… at all.  Hermit mode allows me to focus on learning.  I block everything else out until my objects are achieved.  That being said.  The danger of hermit mode is it is easy to be stuck.  Therefore having great friends essentially forcing you to do cool things you want to do…. on their dime… haha…  is awesome.  It should be one of the most fun Sundays I had in a while.  ‘m really looking forward to it.

And I’m not sure if I want one to add one more blog or not.  If I don’t add a blog, it means a longer article.  I’ve been pretty good lately about posting 2 pieces of content a day for the guttulus.  It’s not easy, and a lot of times it’s rambling, but it’s a test of will power.  And that’s why I like it.  I send out 30-40 pieces of content every single week.  It’s not easy… but it’s not meant to be….  I don’t know that many people who can do this.

My biggest weakness is I have too many goals…  and it drives me crazy when I can’t accomplish them.  Like really crazy.  I’m an overachiever.  I’ve always been fond of adding to my “numbers.”  I doubt that will ever change.