A Lazy Weekend, Yuk



The last few months have been interesting and exhaustive.  I’ve learned wire framing and prototyping.  Two things I’ve “delegated” many times before.  It’s nice to finally understand how to do them.  And I’m learning sales, something I’m terrible at but I’m getting better.

That being said… I’ve let Guttulus deteriorate a bit.  There isn’t much new information or even blogs.  And the YouTube Channel is suffering as well… It’s because I’ve treated the last few weekends as vacation mode.  Mainly to offset some stress.  My life isn’t stressful, but it’s better for me to always be in a happy mood.

I spent all Saturday in the mall.  I purchased so many new clothes.  I bumped into a friend I haven’t seen in a while. It was nice catching up. After that mall I went to Home Depot and didn’t find the air filter I needed, so I ordered off Amazon Prime… which I’m becoming addicted to again.

And Sunday, which is just beginning for me, was spent largely on Netflix. Weekends sure go by fast.

Oh, and this marks week 3 of trying to fix a data base problem on my website.  How fun?  It’s midnight now so I have around 3 hours to film, edit, research, and upload 7 videos for Guttulus on you tube channel.  Wish me luck.