Oil Changes & Development = Weekend


My car needed an oil change. Normally this is simple… but the dealership I go to is always busy.  I always take busy over non-busy.  Non-busy to me means… no customers.   No customers means they can’t retain the highest level of talent.  Driving a car is dangerous… I rather pay for the knowledge my car is being fixed properly.  Sort of like.. marketing.  Which gets me to this weekend.  Clearly I haven’t kept up with this blog.  I decided to scrap my making videos.  It’s not something I have the time for…. I make a lot of videos for my lion channel.  And it’s exhausting… even if it’s only an hour or two.  I’m not sure what it is…. maybe it’s the holidays.

And it’s 12:37am…  Where does the time go?  I was on the phone with the gf for four hours…  that’s sort of where the time went.  Most 4 hour conversation don’t go so well.  This one wasn’t an exception.  I wasn’t able to run many errands either this weekend.  Essentially this weekend was a lot of personal things…  Which is okay.  Since I’m fairly certain this week and next weekend will be entirely clear for me to learn.  I also got sucked up in another anime.  I was on the phone the entire time…  so watching anime while being on the phone isn’t the worst use of my time.  I do have to pick up my garbage bin and the mail… since I was out all of Saturday.

The sad part is I don’t have time to make any guttulus videos.  Oh well.  You have to pick the best use of your time… and right now that is not on the guttulus.  These blogs are more for me.  It’s nice to sit down and reflect.  Fantasy football season ended today.  Minus the playoffs.  Which means I can stop watching football… assuming I get knocked out next week.  The team has Andy Dalton as the QB.  Not the best constructed line up.

This was one of the more exhausting weekends.  Development… more development… and management.  Add a bunch random personal things… and it made for an interesting weekend.  It was one of the only weekends… I didn’t get any coding in.  Oh well.  I believe December will be a good month for crunching down on things.  The parents are coming from Hong Kong.  Which means they can cook for me!!  Yeah.  I spend all too much time cooking.. and cleaning…  Probably a wise decision to get some help.  Alexis isn’t great at either of the two… and I’m just as bad.