A Most Relaxing Weekend


This past weekend was one of the most fun and relaxing weekends in a while.  First off, no traveling required.  Travel is stressful to me.  I’m an owl of habit.  I like repeating and optimizing.  I do not enjoy waiting in Newark airport after my flight was delayed 3 times.  In addition to a 3.5 hour car drive to Newark (one way).  And I did not enjoy the 18+ hour drive to ???… and the 18+ drive back.  I think Dallas is far enough…

What I enjoy is a weekend with friends at home… or surrounding locations.  This weekend was exactly that; it was simple.  I met several of my friends I haven’t seen in a few months.  We talked, ate, and played games. I received belated birthday gifts: posters, video games, graphic design books, and best buy/apple gift cards.  I went to best buy, looked for an hour, couldn’t find anything, went back home.

In my free time, I enjoy becoming better at my craft.  Everyday I get better.  My previous employer didn’t encourage me to find out how good I actually am.  My new job has far fewer limitations.  The main restriction, being forced to do the jobs of 4 people, is removed.  I learn and grow as I want in the field I love.  That’s bliss in a job.

I wanted to point out I’m well rested.  When you do the thing you love it doesn’t feel like work. Hopefully y’all will find that in your lives as well.