A Most Tiring Week



I felt tired every day this week.  I’m normally very upbeat and it doesn’t take all that much to get me excited about something new.  This entire week felt like a black and white movie… pretty boring.  The highlight was finishing gotham… yes it was a bad week.  And I’m not really sure why.  I found a kitten… well a dog, cat, and kitten but the kitten stayed.  I’ve even stopped learning code… and graphic design.  Sales… I still don’t understand how to do it to the level I need to.  It’s a grind.  A few months from now I’ll look back and realized this is what I needed… but right now I’m not the fondest.

On a brighter note, this weekend will be fun.  I have friends coming in and I have a pre release to go to.  I have Friday… today to make sure I buy food and do laundry.  The rest of the weekend is completely accounted for.

I work on weekends… because there is always more to do.  However I’m going to push everything to Sunday.  Friday… minus the errands and Saturday I’m going to relax and reset.  I tried resetting two weeks ago but I forgot my laptop charger..  and took a long time to do basic video editing on my iPad.  I tried resetting last week but due to numerous phone conversations with family and friends (hours upon hours)…  I didn’t have much time after all my errands were completed.

Now that I think about it… I spend a lot of time doing errands.  I can only imagine what it would be like if I didn’t have Alfredo my lawn care person.  Or if I was still tutoring students or volunteering at the animal shelter…  I’m not sure how I had time for those activities… at the old agency.  It wasn’t like I had that much more time… work was exhaustive there.

Ah… I see.  It’s because I’m learning coding.  The time I spent on tutoring and volunteering has gone to coding.  That makes me feel a lot better.  I really need this weekend to reset.  I’m extremely excited to see my college friends again.  So much has changed.  The last time I saw my two friends, I was a comptroller auditing company personnel.  And they were unemployed… Things change so fast.