A Saturday Night Crunch



This Saturday was awesome.  Mainly because I know next Saturday is going to be incredibly busy with personal stuff.  I got a lot accomplished.  Ran a lot of errands.  Some successful, some not…. And I set it up so I can finish my blogs.  Here!!  and either code/make marketing videos.  I haven’t decided.  My day started at 6am which is incredibly early.  I just woke up from a nap.  I’m all set for a productive night.  Starbucks and Monster drinks ready to go.  I’m predicting I can go until 5am in the morning.  Under that time line I have about 7 hours of sheer productivity.  Nighttime is so efficient for work.  Utter silence.

There’s so much I want to accomplish and not enough time to do it.  Friday was great.  I got back a lot earlier than I expected.  Huge bonus.  I was expecting to be out until at least midnight.  Got home early and went to sleep due to exhaustion.  Hence, why I woke up so early in the morning.

I’ll probably sneak in a game of league of legends as a break.  I’m either going to get all my videos done or all my coding for the weekend done.  Depends on my mood.  I’m in a crazy good mood.  Right before I have a super productive sessions…. I feel it.  And I’m really feeling it.

Whenever I want something… I get it… the only question is how long it takes.  I want to be extremely good at coding.  I’ve given up a lot to make time for that endeavor.  Including… video games… sort of.  The only thing I kept was my lion youtube channel.  And that sort of makes money… I use the term sort of loosely.  It doesn’t actually pay for itself… But hey free stuff.

There’s so much to accomplish.  That’s my nature.  If I want to get something done… I get it done.  I don’t like relying on other people to get it done for me.  In the end… if something goes bad… It’s not that I don’t trust people.  More like I would rather depend on myself since I know my own progress at all times.  I know when I’m being lazy and when I’m being productive.  And I know when it’s time to crunch…