A Unique Skill Set



I love collecting random skills.  It’s an interesting hobby.  The skills I worked on in 2015 include coding, sales, ppc, seo, and videography.  I guess analytics too… but I’ve always been good at that.  I need to work on coding/sales but the other bunch I’m content with their progress.  I’m always in search of other new skills.

In college I learned how to present in front of a large audience.  I was shy in high school… but in college and law school, I got to make speeches in front of hundreds and thousands of people.  Talk about a confidence boost.  Although, I haven’t perfected it… but I’m trying.

I have a few other unique skills.  Patents, trademarks, immigration, accounting, auditing, forecasting, etc.  I’m 28 and I’ve already done a bunch of crazy stuff and learned a bunch of skills.  Combined, my skills are somewhat unique.  I’m also great at teaching.  That the skill that holds all the others together.  I can teach what I learn.  And that’s what the Guttulus is.  It’s me teaching PPC for free.

When I started in PPC I found it strange there were no free courses or study material.  So… I decided to make some.  And some money and lots of time later… I had this website.  Of all my skills that I have or am working to obtain… the ability to teach and want to teach is the most valuable.  It stems from my ravenous will to learn.  That’s why marketing is the perfect fit for me.  There is always some new to learn.