A Weird Sunday



Today was pretty weird… as Sunday’s go.  This entire weekend was strange.  I got to work at home Friday which meant a lot of driving around and networking.  Networking can be a lot of fun.  The driving part… not so much.  It’s humbling… Which is a good thing.  Hyper aggressive is not always a good thing.  I got absolutely nothing done today… which I predicted yesterday.  Saturday was fairly productive… not as productive as a typical Sunday… but I got enough done that I don’t feel guilty taking an entire Sunday off to do fun things and hang out with family.  Saturday night was pretty good.

It’s not easy to chain 7 productive days in a week.  At least one of those days turns out to be a hodge podge of errands and random occurrences.  I’m most proud of getting to 30K on team treehouse.  That was pretty big for me.  There’s an entire web design class I want to finish but that should be a lot easier than the previous classes I took.

I wasn’t able to work on my PPC…. although I did a lot of networking which should be useful later.  I’m looking forward to Monday.  There’s a lot to do on Monday and a client to meet on Tuesday.  I’m going to shoot to finish up the web design course this following weekend.

I’ve been awake since 5am without naps…so I’m exhausted.  But I wanted to reflect a bit on the weekend.  The roommate search is going well.  I found a roommate but nota place to live.  I’m hesitating whether I want to live in the city…. I’ve sort of convinced him to move outside the city.  I’m just looking forward to having a roommate again.  Mainly for the study buddy element.  The potential roommate is a Rice MBA from oil and gas… it will let me experience getting a MBA without the tuition… sort of.

It’s hard to put together what I did this weekend.  I called old friends, got to do something extremely fun relating to my hobby… ate lots of food… and went shopping for food way too much.

Simply put it was exhausting…  but not int he typical way.  Oh and I finished American Horror Story on Netflix… it was better the second time around.  The first time it was just weird.