Adversary Makes You Stronger


My life hasn’t been easy.  It’s been interesting…  A lot of things I learned on my own or in spite of other people.  I’m glad I had those experiences.  It taught me to endure through difficult times and to choose the difficult path.  It’s never the end goal, just the journey.  Which brings me to this blog topic.  Startup life tests your will to endure.  Not everyday is fun or easy.  The highs are really high and the lows are pretty low.  It’s less stable then a job at a corporation.  But what you put into it… is yours.  And that’s something you can be proud about.

When you overcome difficulty, adversary becomes your friend… for a short period of time… and then it kicks you again.  It’s a cycle of abuse.   I look at it as the infinity snake.  The snake that eats itself.  Overtime you overcome something… something tougher comes.  And that’s the fun part.

Without adversary… it would be a video game set on super easy.  Yeah, you could beat it… but what does that even mean.  It’s similar to optimizing a PPC account.  The better your competitors are, the better you have to make you account.  I do best in highly competitive areas.  The more competition for keywords, the better my account becomes.  And honestly… the more I care.  There’s nothing better than dominating another agency’s PPC account.  It’s so much fun.

And this is why I thrive… in PPC.  PPC is a bidding system. Because of this, it’s always a competition.  And those who endure the most adversary… win.  All of this reminds me of the 3ds game Bravery Default.  You can put the game on easy mode…. but eventually you will run into a boss that is too difficult for you to handle.  If you played the game on hard, you have some hope of beating it.  Playing the game on hard forces you to figure out better combinations and strategies.  The same with fire emblem.  Playing it on easy isn’t all that fun.