How AdWords Keywords Work 25 Facts


How AdWords Keywords Work 25 Facts  

Google is undoubtedly the industry leader in the online advertising sector. Most of the success can be attributed to its ability to attract the best computer engineering minds in the world. Its AdWords program is undoubtedly one of its most important revenue generators. Although the specifics of how the algorithm works are not known, there some interesting and important facts you should know.

AdWords is a service offered by Google which is a form of pay per click advertising. It is now one of the most important tools if you are planning an online marketing campaign. Here are some facts that you should keep in mind when you decide to use the service. They will help you understand just how important the service is to your business.

1.  The service was launched by Google in 2000 under a flat Cost per Impression flat rate model. Google later re-launched the service using an auction model in 2002.

2.  With AdWords, you can generate a title that is 25 characters long. Additionally, the content allowed in AdWords has to be at most 35 characters.

3.  Google gets at least 95% of all its revenues from advertisements. It is thus one of the most crucial revenue sources for Google as a company.

4.  On average, if a business utilizes AdWords well, it makes about $2 for each $1 it spends on AdWords. However, this figure can be higher with the right guidance.

5.  Google AdWords dominates the mobile search market. About 97% of all revenues from mobile advertising revenue are taken up by Google’s AdWords.

6.  Google AdWords come with a Keyword Planner tool that helps users find the most relevant keywords for their ad campaign.

7.  Google AdWords requires patience if you want to see results. Gather as much data as you can before canceling your campaign; it almost always helps to turn things around.

8.  Keywords related to the insurance and finance sectors are among the most expensive words. They have been known to cost as much as $50 for each click.

9.  The ad position is quite important. The top three ad positions are statistically known to take up about 40% of all clicks.

10.  AdWords conversion tracking is only used by about 50% of all AdWords users despite how crucial it is to do a successful marketing campaign.

11.  All the analytical tools offered towards an AdWords campaign by Google are free to its clients.

12.  AdWords are important for generating traffic to sites. In most cases, if an ad campaign is stopped, a site will lose about 89% of the traffic it was previously able to get.

13.  AdWords geotargeting has improved quite a lot in recent years. It now allows advertisers to target people via their congressional districts.

14.  Google has hailed its conversion optimizer for its effectiveness in ad campaigns. According to its data, it can reduce CPA by about 14%. Besides that, it can increase conversions by about 21%.

15.  The top position ads generate ten times more clicks than ads in the side position. It is an important consideration when planning an ad campaign.

16.  Google Ad Rank is used to determine the position of Ads. It is thus important to study which factors influence Ad Rank. One of the most influential factors is Quality Score.

17.  Of all the online ad revenue, Google rakes in 33% of it. It is the highest figure anywhere around the globe. All other companies share the remainder amongst themselves.

18.  On average a Google ad gets a click-through rate of about 3.16%. However, the ad in the top position can garner a CTR of about 7.94%. Thus, even a jump from second to first place could double your success rates.

19.  Google has over a million sites that are signed up to its ad display network. It means that your ad could potentially be seen by the entire world if that was what you wanted.

20.  YouTube is one of the sites listed under Google’s ad display network. It is currently one of the fastest growing search engines in the world. Additionally, its viewership numbers continue to grow.

21.  If you plan to use Google mobile ads, you will benefit from a platform of over 300,000 apps that currently display Google ads.

22.  Mobile listings do work. Over 70% of people who use the mobile devices call the business directly from the Google search. Ensure that you always post relevant information.

23.  Mobile device makes a huge percentage of Google search clicks. About 33% of all search clicks result from mobile searches as of the year 2014. In 2016, the figure had risen to close to 60% of all ad clicks. It is thus important to optimize your site for a wide range of mobile devices.

24.  Google ads are displayed to consumers who are 155% likely to search for specific terms and brands. Thus, a Google AdWords campaign must focus on using as many specific keywords as possible. Customers who are likely to lead to conversions only use specific keywords such as brand names.

25.  Dating and Personal sectors have the lowest rate. On average a campaign will cost about $6 per action.