AdWords for Video – What is YouTube AdWords – 25 Facts


AdWords for Video – What is YouTube AdWords – 25 Facts   

If you use Google AdWords to drive sales, you may have noticed growing competition for the keywords that you use. The result is that running an AdWords campaign has become quite expensive in recent years.

If you have been facing this problem, you should consider using AdWords for video. There is less competition than on other digital advertising platforms. It represents a huge opportunity for you to improve your ROI. Although costs vary by industry, the cost per view averages at about 6 cents.

Here are the interesting facts about YouTube AdWords

1.  YouTube has about a billion users, which represent a huge opportunity for you to boost the traffic for your business and thus grow your revenue.

2.  Non-skippable ads on YouTube get more engagement than other types of ads. However, they also have the highest abandonment rate of all ads on the site.

3.  Skippable ads are those that do not force you to watch. They can either be in-stream ads or in display ads. Both of these do not have a maximum video length. However, 3 minutes is recommended for in-stream videos.

4.  You do not need specialized video editing skills to create a YouTube advertisement.

5.  Users of YouTube view over six billion hours of videos on the site every month. It represents a huge marketing opportunity for businesses of all sizes.

6.  YouTube Ads give you the opportunity to appeal to potential clients emotionally, which is almost impossible to achieve it with other forms of advertising.

7.  You can help with the discovery of your videos on YouTube by hosting them on a profile page. Thus, potential customers can view your content with ease while you get the opportunity to show them ads.

8.  There are various sophisticated tools on YouTube that content creators can use to analyze viewership of their videos including YouTube Analytics.

9.  Video ads give you the opportunity to connect with your potential customers in a unique and memorable way. You have the chance to show your clients how your product can benefit them.

10.  Your YouTube ads can be displayed in the search results if you wish.

11.  If you use TrueView ads, you will only pay for ads if viewers watch the entire video or if they view the first 30 seconds, whichever comes first.

12.  With YouTube ads, you can set up a destination URL to your site. You can also add clickable annotations to ads, which is not possible with standard videos.

13.  There are various targeting options for YouTube videos based on location, topic, audience demographics and many others. They may not be as many as on Facebook, but they are still quite a lot.

14.  YouTube has a feature that can allow you to find the demographic you wish to target all the ‘search for targeting suggestions.’ YouTube utilizes its huge database to give you the best suggestions.

15.  YouTube Ads features the negative keywords feature. It is crucial for helping you to avoid any loss due to unwanted clicks on your ads.

16.  YouTube AdWords is not yet saturated. It is thus the best time to drive traffic to your site if you find it hard to cope with Google AdWords.

17.  Google owns YouTube. Thus you will benefit from all the cool features offered on Google AdWords and a bit more by using AdWords for videos.

18.  Various case studies have shown that businesses which have been struggling with ROI on Google AdWords could make a turnaround by investing in AdWords for videos.

19.  The only way to ensure that in-stream ads are generating the leads you need is to generate new content often.

20.  The best way to reduce ad skipping is to show ads related to the content. Almost half of all mobile users in the U.S. will skip ads that are not related to the content they are watching. With so many targeting options on YouTube, there is no reason not to target your audience based on the videos they watch.

21.  Users of YouTube are more likely to be engaged with a company if they see more videos about it. The best way to achieve this is to ensure that a channel has a lot of content before launching an advertising campaign.

22.  Ensure to use branding on the YouTube channel; it is important for reminding viewers that they are in the right place.

23.  YouTube allows you to share videos on social networks. It is a good way of getting more eyeballs on your products and ads on YouTube.

24.  YouTube is said to influence more than half of all buying decisions in the United States, especially among the youth.

25.  YouTube reaches more viewers aged 18-34 years than any cable network in the United States. It is an important statistic to keep in mind especially if your products are oriented towards youthful people.

If you have been in search of a medium that offers you great ROI in any part of the world, YouTube is the place to advertise. It is great for small businesses that have a tiny budget but desperately need to grow traffic to their site.