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Need help building or maintaining a website? Or maybe optimizing SEO/launching social media campaigns?

I’m the kind of web designer who prefers to sit with you as I work on your site so it’s customized to your liking every step of the way. I guarantee that you will have full admin access to your WordPress website once completed with the job.

My rate is $50-60/hr (two hour minimum) and I normally end up finishing most basic websites in 2-4 hours (fully search engine optimized). It takes me about 2 minutes per page to optimize SEO, often times people are astonished at how quickly I work.

I have been designing websites since my early teenage years and at this point have over four years of experience using WordPress exclusively. I’m trained in HTML and CSS so switching a color on a menu is definitely something I can easily do (just one example).

I’ve also taken classes in graphic design so building you a custom logo within a couple minutes with you would be no problem at all. I use Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator Creative Cloud to produce mindblowing visuals.

If you would like a link to my website just let me know, I’ve attached some samples of my work as well as an infographic displaying how often people post on social media.

Facebook Fans/Likes/Followers
Youtube Views/Suscribers
Twitter Followers/Retweets
Instagram Likes/Followers
Vine Followers
Google Plus
Linked In
Soundcloud Plays/Downloads
Starting at $99
Webdesign & SEO
Logo Design, Business Cards and Signs
Backlinks, Original content/Articles
Search Engine Submissions
Android and Iphone Applications
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