Amazon PPC for Beginners – How to Set up PPC Campaigns

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Amazon PPC for Beginners – How to Set up PPC Campaigns

When it comes to online marketing, pay-per-click marketing is one of the marketing strategies that comes highly recommended by the folks over at There are a bunch of platforms where one can run PPC ad campaigns, but given the rise of Amazon as one of the biggest online shopping platforms in recent years, with the rise set to continue, setting up PPC campaigns on Amazon is something marketing experts, including those at, recommend highly going forward. The thing about Amazon PPC advertising, is that it not only allows you to target people who are browsing online to buy something, it also allows you to target people browsing online to buy a product like the one that you are selling. This is what makes setting up PPC campaigns on Amazon very attractive, with more pros covered in detail on The good news is that setting up Amazon PPC campaigns is not that difficult, especially with the help of this article which will look to highlight how one can be able to get set up.

The first thing you need to do when setting up an Amazon PPC campaign is to sign into your seller central account, or creating one if you don’t have one with details on the same to be found on Once you have signed in or up, hover over the Advertising tab to reveal the various options, from which you should choose the Campaign Manager option. Once in the Campaign Manager page, you will be required to both set up the budget and duration of your campaign. With advice on the budgets and durations that may be the right fit for you to be found on It is also advisable while here to give your Amazon PPC campaigns broad campaign names due to the fact that you can be able to set up multiple ads within a single campaign. The folks at also recommend that when choosing beginning and end dates for your campaigns to ensure that you choose an end date and not leave it open to ensure that you don’t end up wasting money by having an ad campaign running indefinitely. Once you have chosen the budget and duration of your Amazon PPC campaign, the next step is selecting a targeting type where you will have to choose between automatic and manual targeting. If you are satisfied with the information you have entered, you can go on to the next step.

The next step when setting up Amazon PPC campaigns, has to do with the naming of ad groups. The folks at recommend choosing names for your ad groups that will help you distinguish between the different ones given you can have multiple ad groups within one ad campaign. After creating and naming your various ad groups, the next step is selecting the product you would like to advertise. It is worth noting that, as is covered on, one can only choose one product for each Amazon PPC campaign. After establishing what product you wish to advertise, the next thing you will have to establish is the amount you are willing to spend per keyword. This is a crucial step as it also determines your clicks per day and as such the folks at recommend setting amounts that are geared to increase effectiveness.

The next step in the setting up of Amazon PPC campaigns is the choosing of your keywords, which is arguably the most important part of your campaign as per The good news for those that may not have a pre-created list of keywords is that Amazon will suggest for you some keywords you may use. This is particularly useful for those that are new to Amazon PPC campaigns, and PPC in general, and as such are new to the whole new keywords thing. For those with keywords handy that they wish to run, you should select the Select your own Keywords tab and enter your keywords, one for every line. As is covered on, this is where you get to select whether you want to match your word based on Exact match, Broad match or Phrase match basis with more on how all these functions work to be found on the same platform. Don’t forget to select Save and Finish once you are done entering your keywords to ensure that your work is saved. As is explained on, this signals the end of entering of information for your campaign and from here you should be taken back to the Campaign Manager page, where it all started, where you should get a “Success” message to show that your campaign has been created successfully.

It is our hope that, if you are new to Amazon PPC, then by following the above steps you will be able to set up your own campaign. As usual there is more on this and other topics to be found on as well as and

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