An Especially Productive Week… For being Sick


This week was one of my most productive weeks in a while.  And I was sick almost the entire time.  I’m still sort of sick… but I’m getting better.  I got a lot done…  I worked at home 3 days out of 5 which allowed me to work until late in the night.  The office is a drive and then there’s parking.  Parking is not great… and rather stressful.  All said… I save 2+ hours each day I work from home.  But in reality it feels like a lot more because I’m not stressed out.

I feel I’m getting very good at sales.  I spent the last 3 months doing sales.  Practice makes perfect.  I’m still not very good at closing sales.  However, it’s much better than 3 months ago. Sales is a skill you can only learn by failing and not being afraid to fail some more.

There’s a lot I want to get done this weekend.  But a healthy Tony is a productive Tony.  I remember being sick in college before finals… still got As.  Being sick makes you reevaluate your time usage.  And be grateful for the time you have.  I’m going to spit out 3 more blogs and then buffer this… so I have to think of things to talk about.

Shopping.  When in doubt buy more stuff.  I’ve been delaying my taxes for a while.  My tactic is to login to quickbooks… then buy things from amazon… and then not log back in to quickbooks.  it’s been working well so far.  I’ve brought all types of semi-useless things.

I’m feeling a lot better and I’m in the mood to make some videos.  Making videos requires me to be in a certain mood… it’s strange.  If I force myself to make videos… they come off as really cynical.  However, I took a week off and now I sort of miss it.